Donald J. Trump’s campaign will release an open letter on Tuesday from about 90 retired generals and military officials endorsing his presidential campaign, urging a “long overdue course correction in our national security...
On Labor Day, which presidential candidate would do a better job when it comes to labor — that is, to creating jobs?A new poll shows it couldn't be closer: 44% say Democrat Hillary Clinton; 44% say Republican Donald Trump....
This Labor Day weekend, we celebrate the Americans who keep our economic engine running strong.
Earlier this month, Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and I sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the subject of the Obama administration’s $400...
On September 1st, there are only 68 days until the election, and only 25 days until early voting begins in Texas.So much to do.  So little time.  How this story ends is entirely UP TO YOU.
I put NO faith in polls, given what I know about media now.
In Germany, Google stopped showing everything but the headlines of publishers’ articles—and when the publishers’ traffic plummeted, they relented and granted Google a temporary free license to use snippets of their article...
A South Carolina apartment complex is warning parents that a person with a clown costume has been spotted attempting to lure children into the woods.
Susan Narvaiz launched her campaign headquarters in Bexar County on Wednesday, August 24, and it was a great success
I’d love to hear again how there was no classified information in State Department emails between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. If that’s the case, why are many of Huma Abedin’s emails 100 percent redacted?
After a productive August meeting with my fellow Texans, hosting town halls and visiting area businesses, I’m heading back to Washington, D.C. to take what I heard and work on legislation to grow our economy and our...
A man from north Texas who falsely claimed to be a wounded Navy SEAL has been sentenced to spend four years in prison.
Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper and Chris Wallace have been selected to moderate this year’s presidential debates.
As your representative in Congress, an important part of my job is listening to your concerns, and last week I did just that crisscrossing the district to meet with people at five town hall meetings.
Already overwhelmed employees in the understaffed Child Protective Services in Texas will now have more work following the retirement or firing of five of 10 regional directors.
Donald Trump’s call for an ideological litmus test to exclude intolerant foreigners who support Islamic law is redundant, runs contrary to our Founding principles, and could have large potential costs.
In a recent discussion I had with Milo Yiannopoulos, we agreed that a backlash was likely on college campuses against the “safe space,” “trigger-warning” culture of Generation Snowflake.
A founding member and chief spokesman for Islamic State, Abu Mohammed al Adnani, was killed on a battlefield in northern Syria.
Twenty years ago, Republicans successfully concluded a multi-year, national effort to reform America’s cash welfare program. The reform was based on one simple idea: the best way to change lives and help people out of...
"It was almost just my dad instinct popped into play," Graham said. "Forget state trooper, forget law enforcement officer. It was dad that took over, said 'I gotta clean this little guy up.' "



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