SA District 9 Needs Strong Voice... that voice is PATRICK Von DOHLEN!

Accompanied by his wife, Happy, five of their nine children and numerous supporters, Patrick von Dohlen filed as a candidate for San Antonio city council District 9. His independent, strong voice will resonate well with the people of his district by bringing transparency and trustworthiness to city government. Von Dohlen is a native Texan, a graduate of Texas A&M University and a San Antonio resident since 1997. He is a partner in ‘The Von Dohlen Knuffke Financial Group’.

Von Dohlen isn’t taking his campaign lightly. He understands that San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in Texas. The 2013 population of San Antonio was 1,409,019, and he wants to make sure that District 9 and San Antonio will flourish. The residents of District 9 need someone who will be fiscally knowledgeable of all city transactions. Von Dohlen believes that San Antonio is a great place to live and work but recognizes that there are plenty of issues that need attention especially as the city continues to grow.

He has successfully worked with the mayor and council members to insure accountability in city budgeting and to protect the rights of the home owner/land owner’s property rights making sure that zoning rules were observed. He has effectively petitioned the city to amend its charter by requiring that any streetcar or light rail plan be voted on by the citizens of San Antonio.

As a city councilman Von Dohlen would like to:

  • Educate our citizens about the irresponsible level of debt our city is accumulating.
  • Encourage a more responsible city government.
  • Create a more business-friendly environment in our city.
  • Ensure that we have better roads, better schools and safer neighborhoods.
  • Make San Antonio the best place to live, work and raise a family.

According to a Biz Journal article dated in 2013, there were 159,214 residents with an average income per capita of $31,302 in the district. The District 9 position became open when former councilman Joe Krier chose not to run for reelection. There are ten candidates running for this particular position making for a run off likely in June. Von Dohlen is endorsed by San Antonians that include former State Representative Frank Corte, jr and former US Congressman Francisco “Quico” Canseco. He is also supported by Texas Values president, Jonathan Saenz.

San Antonio is in desperate need of a courageous voice that will lead to a positive outcome for all citizens. Patrick Von Dohlen is that voice. Von Dohlen is currently block-walking his district to meet as many of the voters he intends to serve. The city election is scheduled for May 6, 2017.

District 9 map:

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