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Murder in Hardin County, TX - Deputy Sued for Involvement in Death - Sheriff Ed Cain Sued for Cover-up

Update 6/18/2013: This article was posted over a year ago. I see that there are a ton of people looking at the article today so I wanted to post on here that, after this original article came out, Clint West had been CONVICTED and in prison for Murder! This story is not done though, there are some shocking updates that will be revealed soon about the coverup of this murder so keep checking back!

Update: The Hardin County District Attorney has requested that a special prosecutor be appointed to prosecute the case against West because of the Janca family's allegations.

Update: The Hardin County Sheriff Department has taken a positive step forward and released over 130 pages of documents to the Janca family that they were withholding. I am pleased to say that a couple of days after this article came out, and the day before the lawsuit against the sheriff went to trial, the Sheriff Department gave the Janca family over 130 documents that they were withholding. This caused the lawsuit against the Sheriff Department to be dismissed because the documents were finally handed over. It took a lawsuit and some bad press but the Janca family finally got the documents that they requested several months ago. Thank You Sheriff Department for the Positive Step Forward.Update: After this article was posted, several News Agencies, including KFDM, KBTV, KBMT, and the Beaumont Enterprise reported that Clint West has been charged with the Murder of Nicole Janca. Plus, the Grand Jury has indicted West on the charge of Murder. Update: Tuesday, 8/30/11 is a big day in court. Several Sheriff Deputies have been subpoenaed in a lawsuit against the Sheriff Department. Also, the District Attorney charged Clint West with murder months ago, but on Tuesday a Grand Jury will finally have an opportunity to indict West on the murder charge.  Hardin County, TX:Clint West of Lumberton, TX has been charged with murder in the death of Lakon Nicole Janca.

No one knows about the murder charge though. The media does not even know about the murder charge.West has been charged with murder for a couple of months now, but the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department has kept a tight lid on things. In fact, if the Sheriff Department had their way, West would have only been charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor and not charged with murder. Things have been so secretive that the Hardin County Sheriff, Ed Cain, has even been slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly manipulating official documents in an effort to seemingly protect a Hardin County Sheriff’s Deputy, Tony Flowers, who is involved in some of the events of the alleged murder of Nicole Janca.Before I go any further, I want to make something clear. I support law enforcement. I am a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and a member of the United States Military. I support the Hardin County Sheriff Department, and I even know a few of the Deputies, and they are good officers. One thing I do not like though, is a bad law enforcement officer. They can cause people to get hurt or die, and they give other officers and the department a bad name, like former Captain Robert Arnold in Orange who killed an unarmed war veteran (who now wants to have a badge again). I believe Tony Flowers is a bad officer who should be charged for his involvement in the events that lead to the death of Nicole Janca.

I further believe that Sheriff Ed Cain needs to discipline or fire Tony Flowers instead of causing harm to the Department by covering for Flowers. This covering for Flowers has already harmed the Department because the alleged murder was not investigated properly, and now there is a lawsuit against the department because Ed Cain allegedly falsified official records. This story uses facts from the investigation reports and court documents, and also uses information received from Nicole Janca’s mother and other firsthand witnesses. I do not name any Hardin County Sheriff Deputies except for Tony Flowers. Flowers, Clint West and Sheriff Ed Cain (who is ultimately responsible for the actions of his department) are the focus of this story, and I do not want to make other Hardin County Deputies look bad who might not have done anything wrong, so I do not name any other Deputies. My intent is not to attack the Sheriff, but the truth needs to be heard, and Sheriff Ed Cain has some explaining to do. He needs to take immediate corrective actions to make things right. People can read this article and decide for themselves what they want to think.

The following story reveals the details of the alleged murder, the involvement of Deputy Flowers in this alleged murder, the details of the botched investigation by the Hardin County Sheriff Department, and the details of the lawsuit alleging Sheriff Ed Cain falsified documents to cover for Deputy Flowers.

The Alleged Murder of Nicole Janca

A couple of months ago I sat in a Hardin County courtroom and heard two men testify that Clint West admitted to them that he murdered Nicole Janca on November 8th, 2010 following an argument over a ring at a party hosted by Sheriff Deputy Tony Flowers at the Texas Peace Officer’s Dear Lease, aka the TPO Hunting Club (Deputy Flowers is President of Club), in Honey Island near Kountze, TX. I saw the DA present a picture of Nicole’s bloody hand with no blood covering a section of her finger where it was apparent that a ring had been before she died but was taken off right after her hand got bloodied. According to Police Records, Clint West had been drinking at the TPO club and became intoxicated and got into an argument with his girlfriend, Nicole Janca. Sheriff Deputy Tony Flowers told an intoxicated West to get in his vehicle and find Nicole (who had walked down the dirt road on the camp) and then leave because they were arguing. West allegedly killed Nicole by pushing her out of his moving vehicle as they left the TPO Hunting Club, putting his hand over her mouth as she was dying on the road, and then taking the ring off of her finger before taking her to a gas station and telling police that she was intoxicated and jumped out of the car. She died at the hospital early the next morning, November 9th, 2010, as a result of those injuries.

Deputy Tony Flowers: His Actions and Involvement in the Alleged Murder

Although I am sure there are many law-abiding people who hunt at the TPO Club, the TPO hunting club has a reputation for being a place where people can have sex and get drunk. This situation with Clint West and Nicole Janca does not seem to be any different. Nicole told her mother, Frances Janca, that she was at the TPO Hunting Club with Clint West for the week and that she was drinking there. Nicole’s mother told her it was not a good idea for her to drink since she was underage. Nicole said that Sheriff Deputy Flowers was there with his girlfriend, Stephanie Jackson House, (not his wife) and that he did not say anything to her about not drinking. The night of the alleged murder, Flowers admits to seeing West drink several beers. Flowers admits that West and Nicole got into an argument and Flowers admits to telling West to get Nicole and leave (knowing that West had consumed several beers). When Nicole was allegedly murdered, West did not call 911. Records show that West called Flowers. Flowers did not render aid to a dying young girl who was only about a mile away at the end of his Hunting Club dirt road. Instead, Flowers says he told West to leave the scene with Nicole and then call 911 at another location. According to Nicole Janca’s mother, Frances Janca, a man named Robert Lee (who is friends with West and Flowers) says Deputy Flowers called him and told him to tell West that he would just be charged with giving alcohol to a minor and that basically everything was going to be okay for West. West has been heard saying that Flowers better take care of him or everyone is going down. Frances Janca even says that West told her that Flowers told him if he would take the contributing to a minor charge, he would help him with the rest. According to the police records, Flowers did not even give the police any information about the argument between West and Nicole even though that information would have indicated that there might have been foul play involved.

How can the Hardin County Sheriff Department NOT investigate Flowers for his unacceptable actions? How can they not at least discipline him? This man is supposed to uphold the law. Janca’s mother says that Flowers let her daughter (underage) drink alcohol at his club. Flowers admits to telling a man who had several beers to get into his car and drive while intoxicated. Any upstanding law enforcement officer would never have allowed a drunk person to drive. Flowers did not just let a drunk person drive, he TOLD a drunk person to drive, according to investigation reports. There is even currently a lawsuit against Tony Flowers for his role in the death of Nicole Janca because he told an upset, drunk Clint West to get in his vehicle and get Nicole and leave. He is a law enforcement officer and he knows better. He told someone to break the law and now a person is dead. Instead of Flowers being disciplined or even criminally investigated for his wrongdoing, Sheriff Ed Cain has chosen to shield Flowers and even seemingly to shield Clint West in the process of covering for Flowers.

This is not the first time Flowers has allegedly been involved in questionable situations. I have been contacted by several people who said that Flowers was at a hunting club several years ago where a man was cut up and Flowers did nothing. Also, right after this incident, a Honey Island man allegedly went to Ed Cain and told him that Flowers was sleeping with the man’s wife and that Cain needed to do something about it. I have even been told from a first-hand source that Flowers allegedly stopped her cousin, but told her she would not get into trouble if she showed him her behind. I could list other things that people have accused Flowers of doing, but now I want to get back on track with Nicole Janca’s Murder Case. You get the point though. Flowers does not seem like the kind of guy who should have a badge.

What kinds of people are allowed to work under Sheriff Cain? This is unacceptable and it is bringing discredit upon the Hardin County Sheriff Department. I suppose history repeats itself though because once upon a time, Sheriff Deputy (and current Silsbee City Councilman) Thomas Tyler was caught in a sting with a prostitute. Tyler did not get in trouble though after that incident with a prostitute, and he was even recently involved in an alleged cover-up of a child rape in Silsbee, TX.

The Botched Hardin County Sheriff Investigation that Almost let Nicole’s Alleged Killer off the Hook

Clint West showed up at a gas station in Kountze with a dying Nicole Janca. Nicole is taken to the hospital where she later died. The Sheriff Investigation starts (and also basically ends) that night at this gas station in Kountze, TX. An intoxicated West was asked about what happened. After telling different stories and admitting he was arguing with her, he was asked to write a statement. West wrote a first statement, but the Deputy told him it would not work, so the first statement was tossed (we do not know what it said) and West wrote a second statement. This is West’s exact statement (the second one) that he wrote for Sheriff Department that night:“I was at the culb, we eat some deer we talk and we waz going home and we get to sour mapler and to 1003 she said she going to jump out over me truck I went going about 20 mile and she did. I put she in me truck and drive to 421 and 69 to get help”.After West gave his statement, the Sheriff Department drove West home and then the next day, November 10th, 2010, they asked the County Attorney to charge him with giving alcohol to a minor and they all but closed their Investigation. No other charges.


Clint West was on probation for previously driving while intoxicated. He was driving with a suspended license, he admitted to drinking and driving, and had no car insurance. West told the Deputy more than one story and his stories were inconsistent. At one point he said he was driving 50 mph and at another point he said he was only going 20 mph. The Deputy knew there was an argument between West and Nicole. There was blood all over the inside of the car and Nicole’s bloody hand had a missing ring. So what did the Sheriff Department do? Surely they booked him for at least drinking and driving or for driving with a suspended license? Nope. They got a statement, drove West home and concluded that he should only be charged with giving alcohol to a minor. It gets worse. They did not impound his vehicle to investigate all the blood in the front AND back of the vehicle. The car cleaning company by Beaumont Colony even called the Sheriff Department and told them about the blood and scratch marks on the inside window. The Sheriff Department told them to clean it. (West’s vehicle was not taken and inspected by the Sheriff Department until seven months later when Frances Janca and Stewart Butler asked a Judge to allow them to inspect the vehicle.) The Sheriff Department did not take West’s clothes or Nicole’s clothes, and they even refused to take Nicole’s boots into evidence when Nicole’s mother brought them to the Sheriff Department and showed them how the deep gashes on the boots show that Nicole was dragged for some time and did not just fall out of the vehicle. They did not even go to the Hunting Club that night to look for evidence or to ask the several witnesses what happened there between Clint and Nicole. Frances Janca and her Lawyer Stewart Butler had to contact the witnesses at the TPO Club and interview them about that night since the Sheriff Department would not question them. The only thing the Sheriff Department actually did in their investigation, according to the records, was ask West for a statement, they took some pictures, and they also went to the “accident” site in the dark that night to get some pictures of the blood on the street. The “accident site” was conveniently only a couple hundred feet from the TOP Club property.

Even more disturbing is that, according to one of the investigating Deputies who arrived at the gas station, the first Deputy there had already decided that no foul play was suspected. They had not even investigated yet and they already decided that nothing bad happened. Also, Deputy Flowers was still allowed access to all of the investigation reports and could read everything before he gave his official statement about what happened that night. Plus, why wasn’t the DPS involved since this “accident” happened on a Texas Highway?

I know the Hardin County Sheriff Department is better than this and would have normally investigated better….It is almost as if a fellow Deputy (Tony Flowers) called the Sheriff Deputies at the scene and told them that nothing happened and to not investigate. That is the only plausible reason why the Hardin County Sheriff Deputies would not investigate this death. They were probably tricked by their fellow Deputy Flowers.

So the case was closed. West was only getting a charge of giving alcohol to a minor.

Nicole Janca’s mother did not give up though.

Frances Janca went to the Sheriff Department and tried to give them Nicole’s boots with the deep gashed from being dragged. She tried to tell the police that Nicole’s boot had a missing heel cap and Nicole’s wig was also nowhere at the “accident site” so there had to have been a struggle at the Hunting Club. She tried to tell them that her daughter did not jump out.

Frances Janca’s attempts to have the Sheriff Department look more into the case fell on deaf ears though. One Sheriff Deputy told Frances Janca that Nicole fell out of the car and that was the end of the discussion. Sheriff Ed Cain told Frances Janca that all she wanted to do is argue and accuse people of not doing their job. The Sheriff’s Department said that the only thing West did wrong was to give Nicole alcohol and that was that. Sheriff Cain even said that Deputy Flowers did nothing wrong for not trying to help her dying daughter because Flowers was off duty.

A FULL MONTH passed since the Sheriff Department had closed the case and told Nicole’s mother that it was an accident. But Frances Janca was still working on her daughter’s case. She contacted Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Texas Rangers.

Frances Janca had asked the Texas Rangers to get involved because she believed that the Hardin County Sheriff Department should not have done the investigation in this death because it involved a Hardin County Sheriff Deputy and because the Hardin County Sheriff Department was refusing to re-open the case or accept any more evidence, like Nicole’s boots. Also, West’s furnishing alcohol to a minor charge, and the idea that Janca would jump or accidentally fall out of the vehicle, hinged on West’s statement that Nicole was intoxicated that night. Well the toxicology results came back and showed that Nicole, although she said she was drinking that week, was NOT drinking the night of the accident and had no alcohol in her system when she died.

Things were not adding up, so a month after the Hardin County Sheriff Department had stopped investigating is when Texas Ranger Ken Parks got involved at the request of Frances Janca. Then and only then did the Sheriff Department decided to open the case back up. In fact, the investigating deputy even writes in his report that Ranger Parks came and met with him and Ed Cain and this is when (a month later on December 6th, 2010) the Sheriff Department finally decides to re-interview Clint West and then go to the TPO club and look around for evidence. At this point, they also do other things like get the evidence from Nicole’s mother and they request the phone record of West’s cell phone. Now they are investigating! Another month after they re-opened the investigation, The Sheriff Department and Ranger Ken Parks concluded their investigations and decided that West should be charged with manslaughter. Basically that means they decided that Clint West caused the death of Nicole Janca but did not intentionally try to kill her.

So the District Attorney charges Clint West with Manslaughter and West is held on a $200,000 bond.

Now things are moving along. But what about the ring missing from Nicole’s hand? What about all the other evidence and missing pieces to the story? Why was Deputy Flowers not investigated?

Things went cold again. But then a few months later, The District Attorney, David Sheffield, steps in and gets his own evidence together and starts putting the pieces together himself. He gets two witnesses who say Clint West admitted to killing Nicole. These witnesses filled in the missing parts like why Nicole and West were arguing. They were arguing over a ring (but the Sheriff Department would have known that if they would have talked to the witnesses at the TPO Club that night). This new information also explains why there was a missing ring on Nicole’s finger when she died (again, the Sheriff Department would have known that a long time ago if they had investigated properly).

So the District Attorney gets this new evidence together, puts the pieces together and charges Clint West with Murder. Clint West is now currently being held in the Hardin County Jail on a $500,000 bond with Manslaughter and Murder charges.

But wait, there is more.

After these new witnesses and new evidence had been introduced, and after the DA charged West with murder, Frances Janca asked Ranger Parks to consider the new evidence and consider that Clint West murdered Nicole. Ken Parks refused to re-open the case to consider this new information and he still says it was just an accident and that Frances Janca is just a grieving mother who is trying to make it into something more than what it is and she needs to stop. Frances Janca even says that Ken Parks lied to her. Frances Janca was told by Ken Parks that he had a tissue sample taken of Nicole (for testing) but the morgue told Frances Janca that there was no tissue sample taken. But why would Ken Parks not want to consider this evidence that shows that Nicole’s death was more than an accident. And why would Ken Parks lie to Frances Janca? Also, Ken Parks did not investigate Deputy Flowers for any wrong doing. Ken Parks is with a different agency but he lives only a couple miles from the TPO Club and where this incident happened. He is sure to know the Sheriff Department well. Maybe he is trying to shield Flowers too by concluding it was just an accident and not investigating Flowers? If Ken Parks is trying to cover for Flowers this would not be the first time that Parks is accused of covering for another officer. Ranger Parks has also been accused of falsifying witness statements to protect former Officer Robert Arnold who shot and killed an unarmed war veteran in Orange, TX. Even the former Orange Police Chief, Sam Kittrell, said that Ranger Parks had taken the side of Officer Robert Arnold prematurely because Parks had decided that it was a “clean shoot” before Parks had even had time to investigate the killing. The Orange Police Department decided that it was not a “clean shoot” and fired Officer Arnold. Anyway, whether or not Ken Parks is in the wrong for his actions in this Hardin County case, he certainly should have had a different Texas Ranger investigate from the beginning because it is not really an outside investigation if the Ranger investigating lives by, and knows, the people he is investigating.

Lawsuit Against Hardin County Sheriff, Ed Cain, alleging that Sheriff Cain Falsified Official Documents to Cover for Deputy FlowersDoes this story not have enough twists? There are more.

As mentioned above, Hardin County Sheriff Ed Cain has been sued for allegedly falsifying official documents and illegally withholding documents. Stewart Butler, the lawyer for Frances Janca, did an Open Records Request of all the phone calls made to the 911 the night of Nicole’s death and also the investigation reports. An Open Records Request is part of a Texas law that requires that government agencies must provide public documents to anyone who sends a written request. The governmental agency has 10 days to provide the documents. The agency cannot withhold any information. If the agency feels that there is some information that should not be released then the governmental agency must ask for the Texas Attorney General for an opinion to decide what the governmental agency can withhold, if anything.

So Frances Janca asked for 911 records and investigation reports. That is a pretty simple request right? Frances waited months to get the information. When she finally got the information, the Sheriff Department certified that the information they were receiving was an exact copy of the originals. Unfortunately the Sheriff Department lied to them. Frances Janca and

Stewart Butler discovered that the documents had been altered (important information was taken out) and also several documents were missing. So first of all, it took the Sheriff Department months to get the documents instead of the 10 days they are allowed by law. Second, the documents were altered and some documents were missing. The Sheriff Department did not tell Frances Janca that anything was missing or altered. Third, the Sheriff Department did not request that the Texas Attorney General allow them to withhold any information. The Sheriff cannot say they were not aware of the rules because the Sheriff Department has the Open Records Request Rules posted on the wall of the Sheriff Department.Stewart Butler and Frances Janca know that the Sheriff Department falsified what they gave them because the information that the Sheriff Department gave the morgue was different than the information they were given by the Sheriff Department.

So Stewart Butler files a Mandamus against Sheriff Cain. Sheriff Ed Cain is being sued for falsifying documents and withholding document and the lawsuit is asking a judge to force Sheriff Cain to release the information.

A couple of weeks after the lawsuit against Sheriff Cain, the media finally picked up on it. The Beaumont Enterprise wrote an article about the Mandamus that was filed against Sheriff Cain. In the article, the Sheriff Department does not accept responsibility for altering the documents and for not contacting the Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott, to ask for permission to withhold any information. Instead the Sheriff Department’s lawyer just plays down the lawsuit by telling the Enterprise that there was some confidential information that was withheld and that everything will be okay, and there is not a need for the court to get involved. Kudos goes to the Enterprise for finding out about the mandamus and writing about it, but the media still does not know what is going on. Okay, the media knows that there is a lawsuit against Sheriff Cain because Cain is withholding some information, but the media has no idea WHAT information the Sheriff Department is withholding.

Well, it seems that some of the information that the Sheriff Department secretly withheld is the list and timeline of calls made by Clint West and Deputy Flowers. Now why would Sheriff Ed Cain want to hide that information? So it is ok to release the information about everyone else who calls 911 but it is not ok to release information about 911 calls when a Sheriff Deputy and his friend call 911? Come on now, it is almost as if the Sheriff wants people to think there is a cover-up.


District Attorney David Sheffield should be commended for really investigating this case and charging Clint West with murder. Stewart Butler should be commended for fighting for Nicole Janca for free. Frances Janca should be commended for fighting for her daughter and not giving up until the truth was revealed. Clint West will have his day in court and a jury will decide whether or not these facts and allegations are enough evidence to convict him with murder. The Hardin County Sheriff Department is filled with some great Deputies. Tony Flowers is not one of them. Frances Janca has said that Sheriff Ed Cain has privately told her that there was pure negligence in the Sheriff Department investigation but that he would not have changed anything if they had done the investigation right. Sheriff Ed Cain, whether or not you love the guy or hate the guy, needs to stop covering for Flowers. Sheriff Cain needs to take responsibility for the botched investigation, he needs to apologize publically to Frances Janca, he needs to discipline, or fire, Deputy Flowers, and he needs to stop hiding the documents. Just come clean and let the Sheriff Department move forward so y’all can go out and continue to do a good job of fighting crime without all these distractions. I am sure I will get several emails after this article. Some people will love it, and some people will hate it. I just want to bring the facts to light for everyone to see so that justice will be done for Nicole Janca. This story was written using facts from the investigation reports, and by information from Frances Janca, Stewart Butler, and other people close to the investigation whom I believe to be telling the truth. Click here to read some of Frances Janca's story on the Mothers Against Drunk Driving website, and you can also Donate Money to help the Janca Family Here 

at Aug 29, 2011 1:18 PM


The last line says it all Mr. Bellows... "whom (YOU) believe to be telling the truth..."  You are listening to an attorney who is slamming the sheriff's department all over facebook, too.  You have simply "joined forces" because you are just like the Butlers, a pot stirrer and rabble rouser, constantly spreading discontent every where you go.  I've watched you at the court house on election night as you blurt out whatever you want to say, as loud as you want to say it with no regard to anyone around you.  You are not a gentleman and you love controversy.  You're like the little, annoying kid in class who has to have attention.  You can't get it by being positive, so you have to be negative.  Go ahead and use Ed Cain to gain your 5 minutes of fame. Gather up your little fan club of law breakers.  When it's all said and done, Ed Cain will still be the Sheriff of Hardin County and you'll still be a bitter guy with little man's syndrome who can't win an election so you have to cry all over the place and get credit somehow.  <applause>  There... feel better?

looks like someone struck a nerve ...
must be family or kin of some sort to ed cain or flowers , or maybe one of the mistresses ... who knows but whom ever it may be you deserve to burn with them , what they did was wrong covering up for each other and murderers cheating and lying YOUR NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE ... 

First of all, I would like to express sympathy to the family of Nicole Janca!  No family should have to go through losing a child!  Especially, not by the hands of another!!!  MY PRAYERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WITH THIS FAMILY AND WILL ALWAYS BE!

There are so many issues I have with your "blog". 

For instance, you claim that Hardin County Sheriff's OFFICE is being "secretive", IT WAS AN OPEN INVESTIGATION and A LAWSUIT WAS FILED!  It's not "secretive", it's called DISCLOSURE... you're an attorney, correct?  Also, the case with Captain Robert Arnold in Jefferson County has absolutely, no bearing on this case whatsoever, nor does the HCSO have anything to do with that case! 

You say Sheriff Cain should "fire or discipline" Deputy Flower?  What happened to innocent before proven guilty in a court of LAW? 

Also, you question why D.P.S. was not "involved" in the case against Clinton West, yet according to your "blog", it is unclear whether this occurred on the "dirt road" inside the limits of the hunting club or on the hunting club property.

Frances Janca, mother of the victim, said, according to you, that Nicole told her she had been drinking out there and was staying there for the week.  Why would the mother ALLOW her underage daughter to be gone for a week and fully aware she was illegally drinking?  I would have went to that club and made my daughter come home!  <Not that I would have allowed my daughter to go in the first place, because I would not have!!!>  The mother, Frances, again, according to you, says that Deputy Flower "let Nicole" drink alcohol at the hunting club,,, WHAT ABOUT MOM??

You asked, "What kind of people are allowed to work under Sheriff Cain"?

Clinton West should have been booked for DUI or driving while license suspended?  NO,, the law states the deputy/officer must place said driver behind the wheel with intent to drive the vehicle.  <ON DUTY OFFICER'S/DEPUTIES>

You've stated what Sheriff Ed Cain, allegedly, "said", and that is ONLY according to what Frances Janca, the grieving mother, "said".


you are only innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That does not mean you cannot be fired for being an idiot. If a teacher is caught having sex with a student should that teacher stay on the job until he or she is proven guilty? NO.  

The girl was over 18 and did not live with mom anymore so there is nothing mom can do. The officer hosting the party has the responsibility to do something.

Defending Clint West for drinking and driving? Technically he was not caught behind the wheel? You know that he was not caught giving alcohol to a minor either but they charged him with that. They should have locked him up and charged him with drinking and driving too.

 no justice in this town


Anonymous, you may not like Mr. Bellows and that's completely fine. Honestly, I don't even know the guy.  I can guarantee you that the Butlers have been investigating this case and have evidence of murder and a cover-up by the sheriff's department.  The FACTS speak for themselves.  I suggest you go to the clerk's office and read the case file before you automatically start assuming.  As a matter of fact, I challenge you to find proof that the Butlers are wrong!!!  The facts are the facts!  It amazes me how some people are so quick to assume before getting all of the facts.  Small minded people....

How can you sit there now knowing MUCH MORE than you did before the article was written and still say things like that? I am so glad that I moved away from south east Texas. I have known this place to be corrupt for the few decades I have been there. The mind set and mentality of this area is utterly sickening.  

What makes any of this fact?  Because David put it here?  When he scans in the official documents for us to view for ourselves, then we can say they're facts. David Bellow doesn't have access to official documents.  He's being fed by a drama-seeking attorney (or two!), Gary and Stewart Butler.  Just because David Bellow wrote "his opinion" of the case (as he's been told by the Butlers), doesn't make it fact.  He's being exposed to one side of the story.  All lawsuits have two sides.  The saddest part of all is what the family of this poor girl is being put through for the agenda of a few who want everyone to question local law enforcement.  And maybe even sadder is that David Bellow calls himself a Christian conservative and instead of calling all of his FB friends and listeners to PRAY for the REAL ANSWERS and TRUTH  to be brought to light in this case, he's doing exactly what the bible says not to do.  Causing confusing and getting everyone talking negatively.  I went through is FB page and looked at his posts.  Controversy abounds.  He'll forget about this in a few months and move on to someone or something else - maybe next time it'll involve the friend or loved one of some of the people uplifting him on this forum.  Think about it.  

There are 100's of pages... and yes, I have ALL of them and did not just go off of he said she said. I looked at all the investigation files myself.... too many documents to put on line but please contact me and let me know what facts you want me to show you and I will gladly scan and email tou that page of the police record. Thanks

Unbelievable that you would print garbage and then dramatize what little facts you know.  I hate that a young lady lost her life but to blame it on Deputy Flowers is insane.  Deputy Flowers and Sheriff Cain are both Great officers. It's not always someone else's fault.  Put the blame where it belongs.  If he pushed her out he will be found guilty, not Deputy Flowers.  There is a huge difference between drinking and being drunk.  I'm surprised you didn't make up some number showing his blood alcohol content.   I agree with the above poster who said you were just mad cause you lost an election.  Maybe you're just mad cause you got stuck in the national gaurd because you could'nt get into the real army.  I think it's very safe to say you will never be elected for anything.

Don't be so quick to criticize those who are pot stirrers and rabble rousers. We need those people; irritating as you may think they are. You might find yourself on the other end of a crime that someone perpetrated against you and I'd be willing to bet you'd be dang glad to have someone like David Bellow tooting a horn for you! 
As far as being a gentleman, why should he be gentle towards people that may be concealing the truth or covering up bad behavior? It takes guts to make a stand against authority. I would definitely want him in my corner and if the truth were known, you probably would too, Mr. anonymous!

I didn't think would post my earlier post.  Guess you didn't want everbody to know your facts are all jacked up.  I still say Flowers and Cain are good people and you will never be elected for anything.  Why don't you tell everyone why you had to join the Guard?

I am not out to get the sheriff or try to get anyone else elected... I just want the truth to be known and justice to be done. I will be just fine if the Sheriff corrects things so the dapartment can move forward. in my article I do my best to make sure that people know that flowers is the bad guy and the sheriff department has many great deputies.

it is true that SOME of the article uses statements from people whom I believe to be telling the truth. BUT MOST of the article uses the FACTS from the Sheriff Departments own records.

But please, if you think I am making anything up or if you think something I said is false then PLEASE prove me wrong.

Tell me, what part of the article did I get wrong? The fact that Deputy Flowers admits in his police statement that West was drinking and Flowers also admits to telling him to drive a vehicle. Am I wrong about that? Am I wrong about the sheriff Department not following the Texas Open Records laws by hiding the 911 phone records of said deputy? Am I wrong about ANYTHING? I have the documents and facts to back up what I say in my article

the truth hurts... you might not like the truth, and believe me I do not like people hating me for revealing the truth in my article, but the truth had to come out and no one else was doing it so I did it.

so I am sorry you do not like the truth, and you certainly have not told me what I got wrong in my article.

baseless personal attacks against me will not change the truth. and the personal attacks are lame anyways. I am elected to the committee that governs and manages the republican party and I am very content with my life and what I am doing. I stand for Christian Conservative values and I stand for open government and honesty. if you are upset that I cheered on election night at the courthouse when all the republicans were winning in the county elections, well, I am sorry.

and really? you say I am gathering a fan  group of law breakers? I am standing for the victims and for the truth. You apparently are standing for the bad guys (clint west and deputy flowers)

I applaud you for trying to bring justice to Nicole Janca!! I may not agree with everything you say on your blog, but I really appreciate that you stand up for what you believe in!

Thanks! No one will ever agree with everyone on everything, but I do try to stand for the truth and people needed to know the truth about what happened to Nicol Janca.

There is one very important word missing from your diatribe Mr. Bellow.  That word is “allegedly.”

Check it next time :)

I hope you all will support David Bellow by sending him supporting e-mails. I hope David will hang in there. We pray for all that are searcing for JUSTICE and that all who want to hide it be brought to the same.


Absolutey admirable David. It is so wonderful to see others stand up against this type of atrocity. Myself and Harold Hass are the spoksmen for the Justice For James Group. Our fight has aged over 1 year now and we are just getting started. We will soon be shoveling more coal in the boiler. Now that our Arbitration is over and the truth exposed during the sessions we have a DA who remains crooked in his actions. However, like we said this is far from being over. We also, heard several witnesses accuse Ken Parks of adding to the written testimony's of the witnesses. I'll say this David: "Had the Arbitration been an actual court hearing Arnold would be locked up tight" It was so blatantly obvious that he is guilty of murdering LCPL James Whitehead
and possibly pre-meditated murder since he stated "I'm going to kill you" and then pulled the trigger.

Also, I am not so certain that Arnolds attorney wasn't dripping with slime also. He asked on of the witnesses if he knew James Whitehead was Dishonorably discharged. I was James Veterans Service Officer and I had unlimited access to his miltiary and VA records. If I am wrong, and I certainly don't think I am, Whitehead had nothing other than and Honorable Discharge." If Cagle, Arnolds Attorney, can show me the document he got his information off of and it is legitimate I will most certainly make a public apology. However it matters not as no one person, other than Arnold and Ken Parks said the shooting was justified.

Like I stated..........This fight is far from being over.

Just a question here, because I don't know much about the case. If Clint West intentionally killed Nicole by pushing her out of the vehicle, then why is M.A.D.D involved? I would think it wouldn't really matter that he had been drinking if he MEANT to push her out. I fully support the Janca family in their search for justice. The MADD involvement was the only thing I was a little confused by.

good question. MADD got involved at the beginning when it was only thought to be a drunken accident. The fact does not change that Clint West had been drinking and driving when this happened, but now that two people have said that Clint West admitted to killing Janca it has now become a murder charge... it was not considered to be murder at the beginning and that is why madd got involved at the beginning

Hi im frances janca's niece and I just wanted to personally tell you thank you for writing the real story everyone was to afraid to! Maybe now since you got the word out new things will happen and hopefully some day really soon my family can have some closure. Thanks again and it was a great article

Make sure to check out the comments on Facebook.

Mr. Bellow, don't you think you should update your blog? About the lawsuit against the Sheriff's Office being THROWN OUT OF COURT, because they DID NOTHING WRONG?
I won't hold my breath waiting for that update. 

you have no earthly idea, what they have done wrong...some of u people need to open your eyes.

MR Bellows... Why no more updates??? I do believe there has already been articles via the news media that state: "A judge has dismissed an attorney's motion to seek records from the Hardin County Sheriff's Office." Why not post this update also??? Maybe because it doesn't push your anti-government agenda??? Or you just taking time to dig up trash on this judge because he in your opinion is on the take too???

I was wondering why David Bellows has not publicly appologized for the negative comments he posted about Sheriff Ed Cain and the Hardin County Sheriff's Office in general after an outside District Judge yesterday, dismissed the case filed by Butler Law Firm accusing Sheriff Cain of hiding documents and refusing to surrender them. When this is all over, I will start a petition to have Mr. Bellows removed from the whatever Republican Board he claims to have been appointed to. One day Mr. Bellows is going to think twice before opening his big mouth!!!


I don't know where you get your info on the TPO being known for it's drinking and sex. But, myself and my family are members there and have NEVER seen anything of the sort and we have been members for several years. We have cookouts, we have a playground for our children and I have alot of pictures to show just what goes on at the TPO. You have taken one incident and made it sound like all of us are horrible people. My husband and I are members along with our daughter, son-in-law, grandson, nephew, and his family. We have always tried to be on a lease that was for families and when we found this one we found alot of good friends and lot of things for our family to do together. Tony made us feel welcome along with his wife and kids. We have had hayrides, went muddin', had fish frys and many more things. We would never endanger our daughter, son-in-law, grandson or nephew and his family. So when we joined this club we made sure all was up to par.  I can not imagine what this mother who has made all the allegations must be going through to have lost her daughter in such a horrible way. But, please stop and look at the entire picture and know that non of this will bring her daughter back. She is just tearing other families apart. As for as our Sheriff Ed Cain covering things up all I have to say is that is one I will never believe. His record speaks for itself!!!! He is a good man and a good sheriff, the best this county has had in a very long time. His deputies have been outstanding anytime I have ever had to deal with them and been very professional. My prayers are with the mother of the deceased girl. I hope that one day she can find peace. Please don't label us all for something we had nothing to do with or even new about.

I am sorry that this article speaks negatively of the TPO club. When I first mentioned the TPO club I made suer to mention that there are many law abiding people who go there. I believe you 100% that you are a good person and your family goes to the TPO club and never do anything bad there and never see anything bad go on there. That was not the case on this night st the TPO club and many other nights before whee people go there to do things that they shouldn't do. Again though, that does not make everyone who goes there bad and I am sorry if you feel that I was saying that everyone who goes there is bad because I am sure that you and your family are a gerat family and y'all do not do anything bad at the club.

I am also a member of TPO and you did specifically say "The TPO Hunting club has a reputation for being a place where people can have sex and get drunk" where did you get that information from David? I have been a member for several years and never have I witnessed such an event. You also stated on the night of this alleged murder, Tony Flower "hosted" a party! That is also a first! The fact is maybe you should check out your resources a little more before you post your comments. Believe it or not, there are 2 sides to every story and if you would take time to see both sides and not be so quick to judge, maybe you would see things a little more logically. The old saying, sometimes it is best just not to say anything....maybe that is something you should practice a little more often! Tony Flower is a very upstanding man, officer, and friend. I would not have stayed in TPO if I had not felt comfortable bringing my entire family (including my children and grandchildren) there to just have a good time.

I know Ed Cain back from the 80's.  He was a useless crook back then, always trying to bust HS kids with Minor in Possession of Alcohol...when there was no alcohol present.  I heard about bribes, and favors he took with several of the girls.  So, to read this story...I am not the least bit surprised he covered everything up.  He should resign and end his career immediately, and be sentenced to prison with all the felons he put there. 

I just wanted to say there is to sides to every story. I can’t imagine what nicole’s family is going through! I can understand to want anwsers. But there is someone elses life my misteake another families life insteake you must find away to consider all odds in might of happened and noone my never no the real truth but clint, nicole, and god. To put someone in prison or the needle that may have not done it is a wrongful death too and if he did in the end we all have to anwser to the man above! There will be our judgement day. I believe god will anwser all of our prays in this tuff situation. Reither it be the truth that he did and justice is served or he didnt and he will be set free to his beautiful kids that miss there daddy.

I am appreciative of your views and putting the truth out there. As I am sure you know, Hardin County as a whole has an issue with "hiding things".....I found your recent writings on the lady who was murdered very informative, and gave me hope that I was not alone in dealing with cover-ups and the good old boy standards in the Sheriff's Department and at that hunting lease. In fact, I met someone there while with my ex-husband. In meeting that person, I realized that it pays to have friends there. If you anger one of them- you've had it....and will pay for it. I know I am.

Thank you for all that you do to attempt to shed some light and get wrongs righted in our legal system.

Flower's own actions caused the humiliation for his wife and kids, not this article. His wife left him a week or two ago before this article ever came out. as long as he has a badge and is a public officer, people should know about what kind of a person he is. he could stop the humiliation by straighting up his act or giving up his badge so he is out of the public spotlight. he made his bed, now he has to sleep in it.

Deputy flowers also has always known that his first cousin is a major drug dealer but continues to frequently drink with him and I first hand seen him turn his head at parties where drugs were being used. He has done that since he worked for Hardin county ,so as we all see Ed Cain thinks he owns the county we all live in it's time for the ass to go if he thinks it cant happen ask mike h. He will tell him .I would rather take care of myself than have crooked law enforcement .last but not least maybe hso need an audit maybe there is a little more to it could be a few more skeletons in t. J. Halls closet he swept nephews dwi under that filthy rug they all call law enforcement.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, David Bellow for coming forward with the story that needed to be told. I joke to others about the "good ole boy" mentality of Hardin County Sheriffs department but now people are seeing that it isn't a joke.

To the poster who mentioned that Bellow did not update his article to show that the lawsuit was dismissed you are wrong. Bellow DID update his article. Look at the top of the article. He thanked the Sheriff Department for the positive step forward. But do not be tricked. The Sheriff Department WAS withholding documents and the lawsuit was only dropped when the Sheriff gave over the documents AFTER the bad press and AFTER a lwasuit had to be filed

Update: The Hardin County Sheriff Department has taken a positive step forward and released over 130 pages of documents to the Janca family that they were withholding. I am pleased to say that a couple of days after this article came out, and the day before the lawsuit against the sheriff went to trial, the Sheriff Department gave the Janca family over 130 documents that they were withholding. This caused the lawsuit against the Sheriff Department to be dismissed because the documents were finally handed over. It took a lawsuit and some bad press but the Janca family finally got the documents that they requested several months ago. Thank You Sheriff Department for the Positive Step Forward.

I updated this article thanking Sheriff Cain for taking the Positive Step Forward and releasing the documents to the Janca Family. I also wrote a new article at in which I thanked Sheriff Cain. I even sent an email to Sheriff Cain and everyone on my email list

The intent of my article about the Sheriff Department was so that things would be corrected for the family of this dead girl. I am very pleased that Sheriff Ed Cain has taken a very positive step towards making things right for the Janca family. It took filing a lawsuit and some bad press to get it done, but it got done and that is a good thing. I was never "out to get the Sheriff" and I am not trying to get someone to run against him. In fact, it was a difficult decision for me to even write the article about the Sheriff Department because the Sheriff Department has many great deputies. But even though I did not want to be negative about the Sheriff Department, I knew that people needed to know what was going on so that the wrongs would be corrected for the Janca Family.

I think you need to update your blog with the latest news against Tony Flower. If I'm not mistaken, the butler law firm removed Tony and the hunting club from the law suit last week which tells me that they are not liable for the muder of Lakon Janka. That means Mr. Bellow that not only is the butler law firm and Janka family getting sued, but you will see yourself in that law suit for the defamation of character involving Tony that you chose to put yourself in the middle of.

First of all my heart goes out to Lakon's family and she deserves justice for her murder. That's what this is all about. Im sure there are some pretty good cops out there but Im even more sure that TONY FLOWER is not the only "BAD"cop in Hardin County. He said she said means nothing in trial. I dont pretend to know every detail of the law I just think its about time we get down to business on the facts of the murder. First of all Tony Flower is the only deputy being attacked and I think it's wrong. There are all kinds of things being said about him that mean nothing and have nothing to do with the MURDER of Lakon. The guy charged with the murder of her called 911 and took Lakon to a store and met the ambulance I'm pretty sure of. Was there not another deputy that was actually on duty and took a statement and What is his NAME.. He should be the investigating officer right along with others that showed up. Why was Clints truck not impounded since it was part of the crime scene, why did Clint not have his license ran since he was obviously under the influence and he should have went to jail for suspended license at the very least. This deputy screwed this investigation up along with any other officers that showed up not Tony Flower. There was blood in the truck and many other things that should have been pointed out (I read it in your blog) and investigated. Tony Flower did not MAKE them not do what they are supposed to do and I think they need to lose their jobs for not properly investigating this poor girl's murder. Her Mom needs closure so give it to her. The cops on duty that were at the scene or the store need to be held accountable for what they did not do. Lets get their names up here and see what comments we get back since they did not do THEIR JOBS AS LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. They could have done their jobs right and saved a lot of heartache for the mother and family of this murdered girl. They make hardin county look bad not TONY FLOWER. I think its their turn to answer to all of us and to Lakons family

Tony Flowers should be fired!  I know of a few other officers who were fired for things that would be a joke compaired to this!

You said you witnessed Deputy Flower turn his head when He knew about drugs in TPO and obviously You are a real upstanding citizen for coming forward with this info, NOW.You obviously hung out with Tony and witnessed this also so now that Tony is in hot water this is all you got.. So because he is a cop he's the POS? You were hanging out with this so called Bad Cop and drug users. It looks like you turned your head too and you make yourself look ignorant for posting something you yourself witnessed and did nothing about and it must have been hard for you to live with this horrible secret until now. Also there was a part of David's blog I found interesting. The man that went to Ed Cain and told him he needed to do something about Tony because he was sleeping with his wife. Umm how about do something bout your wife. Mr. Bellows I admire you for standing up for the people but the responses were mainly targeting Tony and his every mistake and it's not right. It's about Lakon. Who Tony supposedly slept with, what he did on his personal time has nothing to do with the murder of Lakon.


Very well written Mr. Bellow. This matter has sparked my attention, but I am having a hard time getting the whole picture. From my understanding, the allegations are that West pushed Janca out of a Chevy Tahoe while he was drunk and driving down the road. So that would require him reaching over her, pulling the door handle to open the door, and pushing her out of the truck all at the same time, while driving and drunk. I am not sure of the exact dimensions, but I do know that a Chevy Tahoe is pretty wide and West does not look like a big guy in the picture on your blog.

The next thing is the scratches on the inside of the window. I would think that would be more of a sign that someone was trying to get out rather than someone being suddenly pushed out. Had she ever tried to jump out of the vehicle while they were arguing before?

The next thing is the allegation of him putting his hand over her mouth as she was dying on the road but yet Janca did not perish until the following morning, at the hospital. If it was his intention to kill her, and I do believe that is an element of murder, why wouldn't he have taken her life then and there? Why would he have called for the sheriff's assistance and 911?

Beings that they were at a hunting club and down a dirt road, I assume they were in a heavy wooded area. How was the cell phone reception in that area? If he would have called 911 first and the call didn't go through, would it still show on any of the phone records?

The issue surrounding the ring is another thing I am trying to piece together. If the ring was something sentimental between the two of them, which apparently it was since they were supposedly arguing about it moments before, wouldn't he want to take it off and keep it safe for her? Also, when did anyone notice that the ring was missing or that her finger was clean? Could he have taken it off of her while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive or maybe when he went to see her at the hospital? Did the paramedics have to use that finger for the pulse oximeter? If the ring allegation relies on photographs, when were they taken?

Another question is the issue of Janca being dragged. From what I gather, after pushing her out of the vehicle, West called 911 and then put Janca in his vehicle to go meet the ambulance at the gas station. Do you know if he would have been able to pick her up and carry her or would he have had to lift the top half of her body and let her feet drag in order to get her in the truck? Was he in that good of shape and that steady on his feet?

I am sure that you are privy to information that the general public is not aware of and you can hopefully answer some of these questions. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

By no means do I wish to discount the beautiful life of Janca, but it just seems to me that the actual cause of this girl's death has gotten lost in the political arena. I think the focus has shifted from trying to find out the truth to finding someone to blame. I pray that both the West and Janca family can find peace and comfort one day.


David you could mention that the lawsuit against Tony and the Sheriff (not the one about documents but the main one) was thrown out last week over this great cover up lol.  Guess nobody was covering anything up after all huh?  Maybe you should explain why you joined the reserves instead of the regular army. That should keep you busy the rest of the year lol. I think you owe everybody an aplology especially those who were so simple minded and believed you.

well i dont think he owes anybody an apology.the whole story hasnt been told yet.and when we are finally at the truth.we will see whos apologizing to whom.

Maybe you should ask Investigator Roberts where the bag came from in the floorboard with not a drop of blood on it...and where it went, and maybe even perhaps what was in it, i wonder what his answer will be and when you find out , please put it on here so we all can know.

Thank you! And he got Tony Flower's name wrong. It is Flower...not Flowers!! You'd think the guy could at least get everyone's name correct.

I believe this did happen! LOL the proof is in the pudding and this pudding reeks of CORRUPTION! As if that's ever happened in good ole Hardin County huh!