Rick Ramos: 308th Family District Court of Harris County Candidate

I am your Conservative Republican Candidate for the 308th Family District Court of Harris County, Texas. I believe in less government intrusion, pro life, pro Second Amendment, strong military, pro religion, less taxes, family values, and marriage between a man and woman. I also strongly believe that Judges should follow the U.S. Constitution, strictly apply the rule of law, and not create new law.

I was born in a suburb of Havana, Cuba called Mariano. When I was 9 years old, my family fled from Cuba to escape the communist dictator Fidel Castro. We left in the middle of the night on a small vessel in the heart of the Gulf storm season. The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard stayed with our vessel throughout the night breaking the stormy waves. Once we reached U.S. soil, we were given residency in the United States. My dad worked three jobs, and our family of four settled into a one bedroom apartment. Here in America we have rights, and the government does not control every day life. Here, we are responsible for our own success or failure.

In my particular race, I am the only candidate who began their legal career as a law clerk in the 308th Family District Court; tried bench and jury trials on every family law issue; named Texas Monthly Magazine's Super Lawyers, Texas Rising Stars in 2004 and 2005 in the area of Family Law as voted by my peers; served as a court-appointed attorney in all family law courts; represented private clients in complex custody and property issues; served as a Family Law Mediator; and taught at the National Trial Institute.

I am married and have three children. I am a Christian and a member of Faith Lutheran Church. I am a parent volunteer at my children’s school and very active with their extra curricular activities and daily routines. I have volunteered at the YMCA and coached in the Bellaire Little League system. Additionally, I am fluent in English and Spanish.

I am running for public office to serve this country that has been so good to my family. When I am elected, I will be successful because of my work ethic and knowledge of the law. My responsibility is to work hard and make sure cases in the 308th Family District Court are being handled timely and justly to avoid government waste of tax dollars or waste of the jury’s time.

As Judge, I will implement a 5 to 10 minute status hearing before each lengthy hearing and trial to set time restrictions and case deadlines so that cases don’t sit on the docket for years without any activity. I will also invite our constituents to the Court to witness how matters are being handled and the procedures that are in place. This form of transparency develops trust and confidence in the electorate. This will assure the constituents that you kept your word on your values and platform that was used to obtain their vote.

Finally, I am the strongest, most qualified, publicly funded candidate to re-energize the GOP and take back Harris County in November 2010! It would be an honor to have your support.

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