Statement On Army FMTV Decision

Today, I issued the following statement regarding the Army’s decision not to reverse the FMTV contract award, following its re-evaluation:

For nearly two decades, Sealy, Texas, has been the manufacturing home of the Army’s FMTV truck. There, thousands of proud Texans have contributed countless hours to the production of world-class vehicles for our troops, who deserve – and have received – nothing less than the best. The Army’s decision to discard this important and valuable asset is ill-informed, and it makes no sense. It would be difficult to think of a worse time to shut down this manufacturing operation, given today’s harsh economic climate and our nation’s renewed war effort overseas. In my view, the BAE-Sealy bid represented the best value for both the American taxpayers and our men and women in uniform. I am committed to supporting the proud Texans who will be affected by this, and I will also work closely with BAE-Sealy to ensure they are exploring all future opportunities appropriate for the facility.



When will you and the rest of the Texas contingent realize that the Army doesn't want Sealy's truck anymore?

How many rebids and rebuys does it take before someone finally realizes that the truck they built in Sealy was not really the "world-class vehicle for our troops."

Has anyone from your office ever bothered to ask a soldier who drive these trucks how they perform?  You might be surprised by their answer.

To quote you again, Senator, "The Army’s decision to discard this important and valuable asset is ill-informed, and it makes no sense", unless, Senator,  when you say you really do want what's best for the troops, you mean it. 

Look at the Oshkosh track record.  Any rebuys for any of the vehicles they currently manufacture for any branch of the service?

America, your sons and daughters will be traveling in much more reliable vehicles in the near future.


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