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83rd Legislature

Opening Ceremonies of the 2013 Texas Legislature (Photos)

The 83rd Texas Legislature kicked off its very first day in session Tuesday with legislators being sworn in surrounded by family, friends, and supporters. State Rep. David Simpson withdrew his candidacy for Speaker of the House, and soon after, State Rep. Joe Straus was reelected unanimously. Among the list of priorities slated for this Legislature are infrastructure, water, jobs, state budget, and education.

View pictures from the Opening Ceremonies below:

State Rep. Jason Villalba meets with family, friends, and staff at Juan in a Million for breakfast before his swearing in to the Texas House of Representatives   Read more »

at Jan 9, 2013 11:53 AM

Joe Straus: Supports New Taxes & Obamacare, Opposes Gun Rights, Pro Abortion, Betrayed Republicans – Texas MUST Elect a New Speaker!

Please forward this to all conservative Republicans in Texas. We must Stand up for conservative values and Joe Straus MUST be defeated. The Texas Speaker Election is tomorrow, Jan 8th, 2013. Contact your State Representative and tell them you do not support Joe Straus! This really should be national news because of how shocking it is. The conservative Republican running against Joe Straus is David Simpson.

  Read more »

at Jan 7, 2013 12:25 PM

Purge Texas' Underground Economy

Stop Employee MisclassificationIn Texas, we pride ourselves on job creation and entrepreneurship. This is the Promised Land, where you can be in charge of your own destiny. For many, if not most, this is true. For others, that rhetoric is used to dodge the law, pay people off the books, avoid taxes and contribute to a cancerous underground economy.   Read more »

at Jan 3, 2013 10:55 AM

Texas Speaker Joe Straus Says Abortion is NOT a Serious Issue

Why would anyone who is against the killing of innocent unborn babies ever consider voting for Joe Straus? Joe Straus is not pro life. He voted against pro life issues before he became Speaker and enjoyed support from Planned Parenthood. Now that he is the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, he does not vote on bills. He certainly has not publicly stood up for pro life issues as Speaker; and in the past as Speaker, he has called it only a "wedge issue."

The pro life legislation that passed in the 2011 Texas Legislative Session passed, not because of him, but in spite of him. Straus did not stand against it because he knew the pro life bills would pass anyway with a super-majority of Republicans in the Texas Legislature. He also did not stand for them though and given different circumstances, like fewer Republicans in the House, I believe Straus would stop playing to the super-majority and play both sides because he will need the Democrats in a split house.

If it was not already clear that abortion is not an important issue for Speaker Joe Straus, then you should take a look at his most recent quote about abortion:

In an article from the Houston Chronicle, Joe Straus brushed off the biggest pro-life bill of 2013 as maybe

at Dec 16, 2012 11:55 AM

Rep. Simpson Files Against Texas Speaker Straus - Rep Hughes Endorses Simpson!

What an interesting turn of events! Texas State Representative David Simpson will be the main challenger against Rep. Joe Straus for Speaker of the House. Rep. Bryan Hughes has dropped out and endorsed David Simpson. See Statements from Bryan Hughes and David Simpson below.

While I hate to see Bryan Hughes go because he is a good conservative, I am excited for David Simpson because he also is a good conservative! David Simpson has been a fair person who gets along well with other Republicans. He has been a part of many conservative bills,

at Dec 10, 2012 11:39 AM

Texas Moving for Change in Employee Misclassification Enforcement

Stop Employee MisclassificationFor over two years now, I have been writing about unethical businesses using employee misclassification as a strategy to create an unfair competitive advantage over legitimate employers in the marketplace. According to an article this week on Construction Citizen, we may finally be moving in the right direction thanks to business leaders, the Texas Workforce Commission, and a bipartisan group of Texas legislators coming together to take action for the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature.

at Dec 6, 2012 12:54 PM

Rep James White Files Constitutional Amendment Bill to Invalidate Obama Healthcare Individual Mandate in Texas

There have already been several great bills filed for consideration in the 2013 Texas Legislature. These great bills range from protecting unborn babies after 20 weeks because they can feel pain, to allowing Texas to be one of the over 40 other states who allow open carry of handguns.

You can now add my East Texas State Rep. James White to the list of people who have filed awesome conservative bills for the upcoming 2013 Texas Legislative Session.

Super Conservative Texas State Representative James White has filed a bill to constitutionally protect Texas residents from Obama's healthcare individual mandate.   Read more »

at Nov 30, 2012 8:52 AM

Further Welfare Reform Needed

It’s amazing how much bad policy gets enacted in the name of the children. For example, illegal immigrants and drug felons currently can collect welfare checks in Texas, even though they are theoretically prevented from doing so. How does this happen? They collect welfare in the name of their children.

In my time as a Texas Workforce Commissioner, issues have cropped up directly or indirectly in the course of my duties that shout out for reform. For example, fixing the loopholes that allow illegal immigrants and drug felons to collect welfare benefits in Texas should be a part of a reform legislative agenda in 2013. By law, illegal immigrants cannot collect

at Nov 26, 2012 3:18 PM

Texas Legislature - Time to Address Employee Misclassification and Payroll Fraud

Texas Workforce CommissionIt is time for Republicans in Texas to take a leadership role in solving the problem of employee misclassification and payroll fraud. During the 2011 Legislative Session there was good legislation put forward, but it did not get enough support from Republicans to move forward. These are not Democrat or Republican issues, but rather they represent principles of the rule of law and fairness. Republicans should not be tricked by some business leaders into believing this is anti-business legislation.

at Nov 21, 2012 9:10 AM

The Fight for Travel Freedom Continues

After Unanimous House Support and Near Passage Last Session, Representative David Simpson Files Texas TSA Bill for Upcoming Session

(Longview) – Yesterday Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) pre-filed House Bill 80 (HB 80), entitled the “Texas Travel Freedom Act.” HB 80 aims to restrict unconstitutional violations of travelers’ persons and dignity — particularly by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which has made itself infamous for intrusive and humiliating pat-downs of innocent travelers.   Read more »

at Nov 13, 2012 6:46 PM


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