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We Will Not Conform: Portrait of a Home School Family

We will not conform. We will not conform. We will not conform. No, it isn't a chant or a mantra. It's a statement of fact. Something that we as grassroots activists should be used to by now. How about another group of folks who could be considered full-time protesters? Another group of people who might be used to not conforming for even longer than the tea party groups have been around.

at Jul 23, 2014 4:08 PM

We Will Not Conform LIVE: Making Common Core History-A Glenn Beck Event

Heard of Common Core? I'll bet you have. Heard of Glenn Beck? Two for two; not bad! How about the upcoming event that's being put together by Glenn Beck about Common Core? No? Well, stay tuned and I'll give you all the deets!

Next Tuesday, July 22nd in Dallas, Glenn Beck along with Freedomworks, which is a group I'm sure you've also heard of before, are teaming up to put on an event called

at Jul 17, 2014 8:06 AM

Glenn Hegar for Comptroller Walks the Walk – Passed Massive Tax Cuts

Many people have wondered how I came to the conclusion to personally support Senator Glenn Hegar for Texas Comptroller of Public accounts over the other candidates. The answer is simple. I have seen Glenn Hegar walk the walk and not just talk the talk. In the 2013 Texas legislative session, Senator Glenn Hegar pushed through a massive franchise tax relief bill that cut taxes on businesses by hundreds of millions of dollars. Interestingly enough, the bill was introduced in the Texas House by Hilderbran, who is also running for Texas Comptroller.   Read more »

at Mar 3, 2014 7:43 PM

Conservative Leader David Barton Endorses Glenn Hegar for Comptroller

The following is a press release from the Glenn Hegar for Texas Comptroller campaign:

Austin - The Glenn Hegar Campaign announced today that the Founder and President of Wallbuilders* David Barton has endorsed Glenn Hegar in his Republican Primary race for Texas State Comptroller.

"Glenn Hegar is a strong leader and an avid defender of conservative principles," Barton said. "Glenn will bring a much needed free-market mentality to the Comptroller's office that will ensure Texas' economic prosperity."   Read more »

at Feb 13, 2014 8:52 PM

GOP Establishment Throws Conservative Todd Akin Under the Bus for a Misstatement; Mike Huckabee, David Barton, J.C. Watts and Others Come to Akin’s Defense

The rush by the Republican Establishment elites to crucify Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin for his ill-conceived words on rape and to withhold funds for his crucial campaign against the liberal Pro-Choice Democrat, Claire McCaskill, has astounded and angered me!

This smacks of the Establishment’s abandonment of Senate candidate, Christine O’Donnell, two years ago after she defeated the liberal nine-term U.S. Representative, Michael Castle, in the Delaware Republican Primary.   Read more »

at Sep 3, 2012 9:24 PM

Investigation: Rita Ashley SBOE 7 Candidate Lying about Democrat Votes & Not Living in District in race VS David Bradley

Attention Texas Conservatives:

All Conservative State Board of Education members are under attack by liberals and moderates in this Texas Primary Election 2012. We MUST fight back. The following article is just one example of the deception and attacks that conservative SBOE members are facing.   Read more »

at May 17, 2012 1:59 PM

Conservative Historian David Barton Calls for Republicans to Remove Speaker Straus

Former Republican Party of Texas Vice Chairman, David Barton, makes the case for the new Conservatives of the Texas Legislature to meet in Caucus and replace Speaker Straus with a new Conservative Speaker.   Read more »

at Nov 25, 2010 9:45 AM

Texas Eagle Forum Patriotic Banquet

“Texas is not strong unless Republicans lead the way,” roared Senator Dan Patrick through a banquet hall at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dallas.

I had the honor and privilege to attend the Texas Eagle Forum Patriotic Banquet on Thursday night. In a banquet hall filled with staunch conservatives and Christians, the smell of liberty and conservative values was in the air.   Read more »

at Jun 12, 2010 3:13 PM
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