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NAACP Asks UN Council to Investigate US Voter ID Laws Even Though Countries on Council Don't Allow Women to Vote

The NAACP has asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to investigate U.S voter ID Laws. The problem is that some of the countries on this UN Council, Saudi Arabia for instance, do not even allow woman to vote!

This is ridiculous!

at Nov 6, 2012 8:13 AM

Texas Republicans Suing Democrat Party Over Polling Location Law Violations Including NAACP Takeover

UPDATE:  The Harris County Republican Party won its lawsuit filed by Rep. County Attorney Candidate Robert Talton on behalf of the Party.  Talton serves as legal counsel for the party.  The judge granted the TRO requested by the Party within about three hours.

Early today TexasGOPVote posted a story by Brandon Darby about the abuses taking place by Democrat Election Officials in Harris County, Texas. The violations included a near take-over of a polling location by members of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). Incidents were so blatant that the NAACP members were actually moving people forward in line to vote ahead of other voters.    Read more »

at Nov 5, 2012 3:32 PM

The Houston Chronicle Shills For Naacp In Voter Integrity Incident

Originally posted by Brandon Darby on

Breitbart News reported that the Houston, TX NAACP had effectively taken over an election polling station, according to eye witness reports and the sworn statement of Ms. Eve Rockford, a True the Vote volunteer election monitor.

A firestorm erupted in Houston after Ms. Rockford gave sworn testimony about the legal violations occurring

at Nov 5, 2012 12:28 PM

Cornyn: “Attorney General is Playing to the Lowest Form of Identity Politics”

Tuesday, Attorney General Holder spoke in Houston, Texas, at a gathering of the NAACP, and I'm sorry to say that his remarks were completely inappropriate and misleading.   Read more »

at Jul 12, 2012 8:34 AM

Is Obama White? False Race Card in Black Trayvon Shooting hurts Obama, pushes Hispanics away from Democrats

Oops!  Progressive left media attempts to pull race card but divides blacks and Hispanics instead!

 Democrats and Minority Groups are falsely and hypocritically playing the race card in the Florida case of Hispanic George Zimmerman shooting and killing of Black Trayvon Martin. This will come back to hurt Democrats, Minority Groups, like the NAACP, and even Obama.

-Some groups are seemingly breaking the law by soliciting the murder of Hispanic George Zimmerman. The New Black Panther Party has offered a $10,000 reward for the capture of Zimmerman Dead or Alive. You won't find Eric Holder and the DOJ charging them with anything though.

-New police reports say that Trayvon was suspended for having weed and Trayvon violently attacked Zimmerman.   Read more »

at Mar 27, 2012 1:30 PM

Black America’s Leadership

When I think of Leadership, the first example of a good leader that comes to my mind is Moses. Moses took Leadership when the Jewish People were in slavery in Egypt. Under Moses Leadership, the Jews went from a very bad position to a much better position. They went from Slavery to Freedom and they were on their way to the Promise Land.

Now let’s compare Moses with the whole managery of Black Leaders in America, for the last 60 or more years.

at Mar 2, 2012 8:59 AM

A Black Dallas Conservative Dares to Speak

On Saturday February 11th, participants in a leadership conference in Dallas attended by Nation of Islam spokespersons, local and national Korean-American leaders including the Korean Society of Dallas, NAACP officials, and representatives of black and Latino advocacy groups, discussed a South Dallas incident that happened on December 9th of last year. The incident, which sparked racial and ethnic tensions, involved a verbal altercation between a Korean gas station owner,

at Feb 16, 2012 5:05 PM

Black Activist Asserts NAACP and Nation of Islam are Self-Assumed and Illegitimate Leaders of the Black American Majority

A leadership conference took place in Dallas Saturday to discuss bitterness between the Korean-American and Black groups such as the NAACP and Nation of Islam. While no specific point of contention was referenced, it was clear that a dispute between the Korean owner of a convenience store in South Dallas and the NAACP and Nation of Islam was the focus of discussion.   Read more »

at Feb 14, 2012 2:25 PM

Eric Holder to Visit Austin Tuesday to Discuss Voting Laws, Patriots to Hold Counter Protest

Attorney General Eric Holder, who has been getting a lot of attention lately due to the Fast and Furious scandal that led to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, is coming to Austin tomorrow, Dec. 13th, to discuss voting laws and his opposition toward Texas' recently passed Voter ID legislation. Holder also believes that the current Texas redistricting maps are set up to disenfranchise minority voters. Furthermore, Holder is for NAACP plans to involve the United Nations on US elections.

Catherine Engelbrecht of King Street Patrtiots and True the Vote will leading a counter protest tomorrow at 4pm at the LBJ Library in Austin. Please try to attend this event!   Read more »

at Dec 12, 2011 4:06 PM

NAACP President in Jasper, TX Arrested in Connection with Criminal Son Busted with Drugs in School Zone

Reverend Billy Ray Robinson, the President of the Jasper Area Chapter of the NAACP, was arrested Friday in connection with the drug arrest of his son Billy Robinson Jr., who was caught with drugs and a large amount of cash in a school zone. The Jasper Sheriff’s Department had been looking for Billy Ray Robinson since his son’s arrest. Earlier this year, Brandon Darby revealed that Billy Ray Robinson pulled the race card and unethically used the NAACP to try to protect his great nephew

at Sep 10, 2011 12:10 PM


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