140 Scientists Send Open Letter to Secretary-General of United Nations: More Wood for the Economic Bonfire?

This is a letter to the UN Secretary General, signed by 142 scientists who cite and list numerous questions about supposed global warming science. I doubt that many of these imagine it is really the case, but the letter is presented as though this hype and call for regulation and taxation is about science. It isn’t about science. And, it isn’t about the planet. And, the health care push isn’t about health care. They are about power and money. They could hit the trinity of human motives if the laws included a lifetime supply of hookers for lawmakers.

The amazing thing is that liberals can never absorb the fact that when they raise taxes, commercial activity, labor and profits fall, and along with them, revenues. As of today, it is much worse. With cap-and-trade and health care and maybe without, not only revenues might fall, but the entire financial system might collapse. Maybe Democrats just hope to get Republicans in power before that happens: “You see what happens when you elect Republicans?!”


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