2010 Elections - House/Senate Analysis

Well, it’s about time! The American people have spoken and we resoundingly rejected President Obama’s agenda! I’ve heard liberal pundits say that November 2, 2010 wasn’t a referendum on Obama’s liberal policies and that it was more of just a referendum on Nancy Pelosi. Well this is true to an extent as the reality is that for the past two years, now former (Thank goodness!) Speaker Pelosi was an effective leader who was able to push through her liberal agenda.

I strongly disagree with what she did as Speaker, but you’ve got to hand it to her. She was extremely effective at getting the votes necessary to advance President Obama’s liberal agenda. On the other hand, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is a very weak and ineffective leader, which is why he was able to hang on to his seat.

The Republican Party did a great job at nationalizing the House races! We turned frustration with big government into a referendum and made it about one thing: firing Nancy Pelosi. This strategy worked great. I’m not entirely sure Democrats have ever held less than 200 seats in the US House, but guess what? Starting in January, they will definitely have less that 200 members in their caucus!

Unfortunately the story is pretty different on the US Senate side. We lacked a clear national message in the upper chamber, mainly because Harry Reid really didn’t get as much passed as Nancy Pelosi. Now I’m sure that if Harry Reid had been a more effective leader for his party and their far left agenda, we could have ran with it and taken control of the Senate. Thankfully Republicans did make gains in the Senate and we will be able to have more of a say in how things are run in this country. The big down side is that we’ll have to put up with two more years of Majority Leader Reid. I guess the plus in that is that he really isn’t an effective leader, so we know that even with a majority in the Senate, the far left’s voice will be significantly silenced.

Overall, November 2, 2010 was a great day and a turning point for this country, but our newly elected Republicans have to realize that this election was a referendum on President Obama’s far left vision for America and not a vote of confidence for the GOP. If anything, it is more of a second chance and this time we’ve got a great group of Constitutional conservatives who will help keep the party in check. Though Election Day is behind us, it is up to us to keep our newly elected representatives accountable . . . and of course, we’ve got to keep up this fight so that we can take back the US Senate and ultimately the White House.


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Let's hope that this time around Republicans stay true to the conservative values that go them elected.  Stop the spending and reduce the size of government!  The message is loud and clear, and if Congressional Republicans focus all of their efforts to bring these two wishes to fruition, look for even bigger gains in 2012 and a return to the presidency.

- Brandon Kimble, Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2012

P.S. I'm pretty sure that I've seen you around campus.


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