Close Congressional Races in Texas Looking Good for Republicans!

Pajamas Media reporter Bryan Preston has just posted a great article on key races in Texas, including the Gubernatorial race and the races for Congressional Districts 25, 30, 17, 23, and 29.

Texas Gubernatorial Race: With less than a month away from the election, Governor Rick Perry is leading Bill White in the polls, 50%-36%. 

Bryan Preston reports:

The Democrat Governors Association is riding in to the rescue with a reported $2 million to spend on ads attacking Perry, but there’s a catch: They’re not donating that money to White, the DGA is going to spend it directly. That’s a poorly veiled shot at how White is running his campaign.

Congressional District 25 Race: Republican Donna Campbell is in a close race with incumbent Lloyd Doggett. RedState gives 10 reasons Donna Campbell can win this seat, even if this district does include part liberal Austinite constituents. Bryan Preston reminds everyone that Lloyd Doggett has a history of running from Texans.

Congressional District 30 Race: A once "relatively unknown Republican" has become very well known as he appeared on stage at Glenn Becks Restoring Honor Rally and has been endorsed by the Dallas Morning News

Bryan Preston reports:

This Dallas-area district has long been a lost cause for the Republicans, but Broden has proven himself to be an effective candidate with deep roots in the district, and the DMN’s own reporting exposed [incumbent Eddie Bernice] Johnson’s scholarship nepotism and corruption. Rumor of the week: The News got their info on Johnson from another Dallas Democrat who wants her seat. This source is looking to move up the ranks, but Johnson is in the way. Ambition creates deadly and unexpected enemies.

Congressional District 17: The polls show Democrat incumbent Chet Edwards trailing Republican challenger Bill Flores by 19 points. In fact, Chet Edwards is speaking as if he has already lost the election and points the blame to his vote for the stimulus bill. And "apparently, the DCCC has given him up for dead."

Congressional District 23: Republican challenger Francisco Quico Canseco is currently leading Democratic incumbent Ciro Rodriguez, "so the Democrats are launching a salvo of negative ads at him (he’s running a phone bank to counter the attack)." 

Congressional District 29: Again, the Republican challenger is leading in the polls agains the Democratic incumbent. "Republican challenger Roy Morales is ahead of Democrat Rep. Gene Green by three."

Bryan Preston sums up the report by pointing out:

So sit back and consider: Texas may elect three conservative Hispanic congressmen and one conservative black congressman in 2010. They’re all Republicans, and their victories would be happening literally north, south, east and west — all over Texas. What began as the Democrats’ year of the Great White Hope may be turning into a full-blown Republican rout.

Get ready for November 2nd - its going to be exciting!


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