Texas Democratic State Rep Arrested For DWI!

Texas House District 51's Democratic Representative, Eddie Rodriguez, was arrested and charged with DWI last Thursday, March 18th. Rodriguez spent the night in the Travis County jail and was released Friday morning on a personal recognizance bond. Rodriguez reportedly issued the following statement:

"As an elected official, I want to be as open and up-front as possible to the public. Regrettably, on Thursday, March 18, I was charged with DWI. While the legal process runs its course, I will continue to serve my district in the same diligent and responsive manner that I have served since I was first elected in 2002."

Is that the best he can do? No apology? He makes himself sound like a poor, defenseless victim, who has "regrettably" (and to no fault of his own) fallen into an unfortunate situation. And that's great that you want to be "open and up-front" to the public, Mr. State Rep., but you kind of have to when your mug shot is highlighted on the front page of Busted! In Austin and is labeled "mug of the week."

Help vote Democat Eddie Rodriguez out of office in the November 2010 election by supporting his Republican opponent, Marilyn Jackson! Let's get Marilyn Jackson voted in, and House District 51's unlawful lawmaker booted out!

Make sure to pass along this information to everyone you know in Austin! The media has not given this story the attention it deserves!


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