Texas’ Most Liberal State Rep Must Go - Jessica Farrar, District 148

Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar is currently serving in her 8th and hopefully last term in the Texas House of Representatives. Her district starts on the near east side of Houston, crosses through the Heights and extends west through the northern part of Spring Branch. A district which is actually very conservative in philosophy and yet, has been represented by this egregious liberal since 1994.

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Farrar at a community event and spoke with her about several issues which I believe put her in direct opposition to the views of her constituents.


While Ms. Farrar is allegedly a Catholic, she is a staunch supporter of abortion rights and the nation’s leading abortion organization, Planned Parenthood. Her stand against the unborn earned her a “Reproductive Equity Award” in 2008 from the Lilith Fund. “Lilith” is a mythical demonic character who has become the moniker of Jewish Feminism. Farrar has also introduced legislation which would force Catholic Charity Hospitals to dispense “morning after” abortion pills on demand. She has also received a 100% rating from NARAL. Currently in Texas, when a pregnant woman is assaulted or murdered, both the mother and the unborn child are legally victims. This law passed the Texas House 100-1. The sole dissenting vote – Jessica Farrar. Until recently, she proudly displayed her award from Planned Parenthood on her website. That page has recently been removed. I wonder why? When I asked Ms. Farrar about her awards from these pro-abortion organizations she blew it off with a comment, “Oh, I get lots of awards.” With your record of liberal disrespect for Life, I am sure you do…


In one of her more outrageous acts as a legislator, Ms. Ferrar proposed a bill that would reduce the sentence for killing a child under the age of 12 months from a capital crime to a simple state jail felony. Under this bill, a woman could at any time during the first 12 months of the child’s life, simply conduct a “post birth abortion” and face little legal action. All the mother would have to do is claim the death was the result of post-partum depression. The new proposed penalty could result in punishment as simple as a mere 6 months in a county jail facility. How many of you can agree with this position of excusing the murder of innocent children?

Castle Doctrine:

In 2007, Texas passed a “Castle Doctrine” bill which extends your right of the use of deadly force to protect yourself in a variety of situations. Some of these include your home, your business and your motor vehicle. Jessica Farrar opposed this legislation. The law also protects you from civil litigation after the legal use of deadly force. Ms. Farrar has continuously had the financial support of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. Is it any wonder she would oppose a bill that protects you from lawsuits?

When I asked her about this, she said she opposed this bill because it gave people the right to kill others while defending personal property. She said, “If someone is stealing my car, it is insured. I shouldn’t be able to kill them for that.” Well, that is fine, but that is not what the law says. The law says you can use deadly force if you believe you are in danger of losing your life or of serious bodily injury. She went on to say, “you shouldn’t be able to kill someone over stealing hubcaps.”. Again, that is not what the law says and she knows it. She simply opposed your right to defend your life. How many times has a car been carjacked while a child was in the back seat of the car? Or how many times has a victim of a carjacking been killed by their attacker. The Castle Doctrine law was passed to provide you legal means to protect your life without fear of civil retaliation. It comes as no surprise that the National Rifle Association (NRA) gave Ms. Farrar a grade of “F”.

Parental Rights:

Ms. Farrar has opposed legislation that requires parental notification of a child who wishes to have an abortion. She sponsored a bill to make HPV vaccinations mandatory even though the medicine has not been proven safe and many parents oppose the vaccine. Could it be she wanted to increase teen sexuality and thus send more women and young girls to abortion clinics against the will of their parents?


Jessica has long stood on the side of “Pro-Choice”; however, in most of her political races there has been NO-CHOICE. This year is different. This November, Farrar faces an opponent who offers a CLEAR CHOICE to her liberal voting record. Voters in the 148th District can replace one of the most liberal members of the Texas Legislature with a true Conservative who better reflects the values of the people who live and work in this district. That choice is Fernando Herrera. The real choice in this election is to defeat a Catholic woman who votes against the values of her church. The real choice is to vote FOR a candidate who will better reflect your personal beliefs.

Next week, Farrar will host a fund raiser entitled “Burning Down the House”. Is this some kind of joke about the fire which burned your voting machines making it more difficult to vote this year? Or does this title truly reflect what she has tried to accomplish as a Texas Legislature. She has spent many years “burning down the Texas House” and attacking your values. Now YOU have the opportunity to elect a state representative who is a fire fighter, not a fire starter. A candidate who was born and raised in the district and who will represent you and not a large group of special interests. Will you make the choice?

This is truly one of the 2010 elections to watch! Fernando Herrera is doing the work to make this a winnable election. He has knocked on every household in the district at least once and is winning the hearts and minds of the voters of this district. If you live in the district he needs your vote and support. If you live outside the district, you can help too! Please donate today to Elect Fernando Herrera! Let’s send a strong message to Austin!

Vote Fernando Herrera


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