What Do The May 18th Primary Election Results Tell Us? Victories For Critz, Paul, and Sestak, Uncertainty For Blanche Lincoln

Joe Sestak won the Democratic Primary Pennsylvania election for U.S. Senate, beating out incumbent Senator Arlen Specter, 54% to 46%. After 28 years as a Republican, Specter changed parties last year, much encouraged by Obama, to give the Democrats their filibuster-proof 60 votes. Specter went on to vote for Obamas stimulus package and health care reform bill. Obama, owing Specter a favor, endorsed him, helped him raise money, and reportedly, even went as far as trying to bribe Joe Sestak into dropping out of the race by offering him a high-ranking federal job. Joe Sestak and Republican Pat Toomey will compete in the November election. 

Tea Party candidate Rand Paul won the Republican Senate nomination in Kentucky by over 20% of the votes, beating out the Secretary of State Trey Grayson, who was favored by the GOP establishment. Rand Pauls win is the biggest victory of the 2010 election season for the Tea Party movement. He will be the first Tea Party candidate to go to Washington if he wins the November election. Rand Paul will face Democrat Jack Conway in November. Maggie Rodriguez talks to Rand Paul on CBS News below:

In the Arkansas Senate Primary, Democrat incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln was not able to get a majority of the votes, and will have a runoff with opponent, Governor Bill Halter, June 8th. Buzztap.com reports

The results have shown the trend that people are not comfortable with the incumbents according to experts. According to political analysts, the results of Arkansas elections are representative of the general trend in the country. One more thing which the Arkansas election results have shown is that people still have the same mistrust against Democrats.

In the Pennsylvania special election to take over deceased Democrat John Murthas seat, Democrat Mark Critz beat Republican Tim Burns, 53% to 45%. Mark Critz is a pro-life, pro-gun Democrat, who opposes the health care reform bill. In a statement, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions said,

“This hard-fought race gave us an early preview of what Democrats will attempt to do in the fall in order to survive. They will steer clear of publicly campaigning with President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, distance themselves from the Democratic agenda, and attempt to co-opt Republican positions on the issues.”

Mark Critz and Tim Burns will compete again in the 2010 November Election to represent Pennsylvanias 12th Congressional District. 


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