One Texas House Race Still Not Settled - With a 15 vote deficit Dan Neil is still looking at his options

With all the heat going on about the Texas Speaker's race, it is almost easy to miss the election that is still not settled!  That being the race for Texas Representative for District 48 in Austin, Texas between Republican challenger Dan Neil and Democrat incumbent Donna Howard. With a 99-51 lead in the Texas House, you might think one more seat isn't all that important, but 100-50 would give Republicans a 2/3rds majority and more power to make better changes for Texas.

On election day, Neil trailed Howard by a mere 16 votes...   YES, 16 VOTES!  Who says every vote doesn't count.  I wonder if there are 17 people running around in Austin, kicking themselves for not voting for Neil?

As you might imagine, a recount was held and a few days later Neil picked up one more vote so now we are down to a 15 vote margin! HOLY TIGHT RACES, BATMAN!!! (as Robin the Boy Wonder would say.)

It is not over yet.  Neil is considering another recount.  Following is a statement from Dan Neil's website:

Dear Friends,

Since Election Day, Travis County has tallied the mail-in and provisional ballots. After the counting of the accepted ballots, Donna Howard’s lead was 16 votes. Obviously this race is still too close to call.

Because we are running for State House and not a county office, we have 48 hours after the Governor’s canvass on November 22nd to file for a recount.

Right now we are in the process of reviewing all the information we can with regards to calling for a recount. A determination will be made soon.

We still need your financial support in order to keep all legal options open, and ask that you go to to make a contribution. Thank you for all your support thus far. This race is far from over.

God bless,

Dan Neil

Let's do what we can to create the 100-50 Super-Majority and make positive changes for Texas!



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The vote count is not correctly reported. At the end of Election day Howard had a 15 vote lead over Neil. After canvasing the provisional and mail-in ballots, many of which were thrown out, Howard netted 1 vote to increase her lead to 16.

On Nov. 8th, or thereabout, Neil filled a request for a recount and a week or more later got a cost estimate for the recount back from Travis County Clerk, Dana DeBeauvoir, a Democratic. It seems that the County Clerk was stonewalling. This is the People's Republic of Travis County, after all.

I was told that some military votes are still out????

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