Texas Republicans Know Exactly Who is to Blame for Immigration Mess

While other American states and municipalities are scrambling in dealing with a porous border and a federal government that appears to care more for NCAA Brackets and Brazil’s energy development, Texas Republicans again cut through the confusion and fog of political war with today’s introduction of House Resolution 88. Texas Republicans are shoving aside the context that the media, or outside interest groups, offer up as battlefields over immigration. Instead, a bold group of Republicans are determined to focus our Republican policy proposal's agenda on economic prosperity and national security.

In the past months, we have been on a disappointing roller coaster ride of agendas by other groups. In Arizona, what was thought to be a sincere reestablishment of rule of law, turned out to be a crusade against “Anchor babies” and a piecemeal approach that was laying down the impractical, populist legal foundation of a mass deportation by attrition approach. As the state chairman of an organization dedicated to pure, cutting edge outreach and vote mining, it is extremely frustrating to see Republican politicians punt political footballs while offering no real solutions. You know there is a yearning and hunger for leadership, when Russell Pearce masquerades as a “conservative” only to reveal that his agenda was to use the Republican Party as a tool to push forward the mass deportation by attrition agenda.

As a grassroots worker dedicated to bringing new voters to the Republican party, it is pure fratricide, straight and simple, when a leader gains the attention of the media and only uses it for an agenda that is futile and founded not on conservative principles but in the notions of the 19th century, where citizenship was discussed based on race. As a missionary for the GOP, I need sound doctrine, without hypocrisy or hidden agenda to win over voters who are experts at sensing non truths.

In Utah, fortunately Republicans have decided to respect the free market and approved a state guest worker program. Accountability and control won the day. This is a huge step forward in leadership because Utahans voted to protect and strengthen Utah. Leadership does not garner ratings on television. Taking care of business and being responsible rarely garners the attention of the media. Tragedy, conflict and political bloodshed gives ratings and fuels the vanity of politicos. Republican problem solvers like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Mitch Daniels and even Tim Pawlenty find themselves lost in a media whirlwind of hype. The American laboratories of democracies, the states, have given us hope that within the conservative context, we can address the immigration issue. Texas appears to be tipping towards a problem solving attitude. Republicans know that the federal level must be held accountable and state measures can only go so far.

Texas Republicans, with House Resolution 88, have gotten it 100% right. In today’s political world of bubble real estate schemes, union and politician paybacks, and subsidized markets working in conjunction with lobbyists, it is very important we continue to keep an eye on the puppet-master as we deal with the immigration issue. The leviathan called the federal government and its vast tentacles of bureaucratic hallways of “experts” and political operatives is at fault. It is a slippery and cunning creature that recently has managed to escape fault and blame with its ridiculous energy policies, EPA overreach, irresponsible fiscal polices, extremely amateur foreign policy, and on and on.

The media, in its ever decreasing relevance, perhaps, is seeking its own bailout and is providing Disney-like narratives for our President. Conservatives must lead, and not fall into media traps. Conservatives must solve, not just scream “fire!” in the proverbial political theater, Conservatives must now, more than ever, fix problems at the root cause and stay away from the band aids in public policy. I applaud these Republican Legislators of Texas for reminding us that we know exactly who is at fault when it comes to our immigration system. 2012 cannot come soon enough because we will make sure that the person to blame for the continued support of the failed immigration system and his entire Democratic machine will crumble.



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Everyone in Latino politics knows that you and LatinoNRC have been behind Arizona's hard line enforcement only agenda since nearly the beginning and that you, the self appointed Texas director, have NEVER differed with your national director, Richard Rios's position, to support what is, clearly, the worst piece of anti-Latino legislation to come down the pipe in decades! 


It comes; however, as no suprise to me that you would attempt to take credit for our work and backstab me....again. 

Laura, Laura, Laura ! !
 it is not anti-latino. its anti illegal immigration, illegals come in all forms, all colors and ethnic backgrounds. They come from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East.

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