(VIDEO) Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade Opens 82nd Legislative Session

Texas Secretary of State Hope Andrade opened up the 82nd Legislative Session with a reflection upon our great state's progress.

"Since last convening for the 81st Session, Texas has been referred to in many interesting ways. We have been called a job-generating machine. We have been told that we should be the poster child for the nation's recovery and a model of governmental restraint.

"These praises are quite fitting as the Texas economy has outperformed the nation for the past 5 years, and economists predict that this will continue through 2011. We recognize and we applaud the leadership of Governor Rick Perry and previous Legislatures for their commitment to ensuring Texas retains its business friendly environment. In the 1800s, 'GTT' was a well-known acronym nationally. Inscribed on a hall or business, it meant quite simply, 'Gone to Texas.' Armed with a strong will and a spirit of adventure, people came from across the country to create a better life for their families in our Lone Star State. And centuries later, we are still welcoming a whole new wave of people who are 'GTT,' going to Texas as well.
"Texas is becoming a refuge for workers and companies tired of other states' unemployment, high cost of living, and what they see as a dysfunctional state government."

Listen to the rest of her speech in the video clip below:


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