Arizona and Florida Primaries, John McCain and Charlie Crist Transformations

Voters in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, and Vermont will be heading to the polls August 24th to vote in their state's primary elections. Across the nation, eyes will be closely watching the Florida and Arizona primary elections.

In the Arizona Senate, John McCain will be contesting J.D. Hayworth.

Arizona's contest is notable for the dramatic transformation of Sen. John McCain, who in years past worked across the aisle on issues like climate change legislation and comprehensive immigration reform, but after his bruising loss in the 2008 Presidential election, has taken a harder line and sided more frequently with rank and file Republicans.

In Florida, Charlie Crist has left the Republican Party to run as an independent, since he was trailing Marco Rubio in the race for the Republican nominee for Senate.

Meanwhile in Florida, Republican Governor Charlie Crist wants to be a Senator, but it became clear he was too moderate for Republicans in the state after he embraced president Obama's economic stimulus plan in early 2009. A challenge from the right seemed sure to upend Crist's ambitions. So he left the Republican party altogether. He won't be on the ballot in any primary when party voters in Florida select their candidates Tuesday.

According to ABC News, the transformations have paid off for both men so far.

In Arizona, McCain is now the clear frontrunner in the primary after spending $20 million. In Florida, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Crist leading both Republican former state House Speaker Marco Rubio and the two Democrats vying for a spot on the ballot in November – Rep. Kendrick Meek and billionaire Jeff Greene.

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