Cain & Gingrich: Cashing in on Fiscal Responsibility

Elizabeth Perez, conservative candidate for Houston City Council At-Large #2sent the following in about the Cain-Gingrich Debate:

On November 5, Texas got to hear each of Cain’s and Ginrich’s views on Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid. Both candidates were cordial and light hearted keeping the conversation in good humor and in a manner that an average American could understand what is going on with our economy.

Two particular lines stood out to me during the debate. Each candidate said something that resonated with me and made complete sense. Gingrich said, “The economy starts with the people.” Gingrich made this comment in regards to being fiscally responsible to the people and not the bureaucrats. He compared the current administration’s accuracy (on economics) to that of Bernie Madoff’s. In other words, the current president is not transparent or accountable with his actions on handling others’ monies. Is this really what Americans deserve? Another term of an incumbent playing old school politics in keeping with bureaucracy and special interests, I think not. Americans demand elected officials who know what they are doing and who are accountable to the money being collected and spent.

Herman Cain, as a newcomer to the political world, was not as well versed as Gingrich, but he did have sound business ideas and shared several anecdotes that Americans can relate to and understand. Coming from humble beginnings, Cain is by far not a career politician nor “polished” in the usually scripted political lingo. However, he is genuine in his responses and demeanor. My two favorite quotes from Cain: “We have to move from a society of entitlements to a society of empowerment.” He followed this statement by asking, “Have you ever heard the saying: 'If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime?'” Now, there’s a novel thought that has been long forgotten – teaching people how to be self-sufficient and independent. We can sum it up in a four letter word – WORK. Mr. Cain knows what it is like to struggle, knows how to overcome adversity, knows how to build up a business and knows how to create jobs.

I think these two gentlemen would make a good ticket. Gingrich is part of the republican revolution, highly intelligent and can turn the country around. Cain is modest and a sound business man who knows what the struggling American needs to get on his/her feet. He does not have all the answers to the political questions, but is never at a loss for words either. He makes an effort to think about what is being asked of him and to give a response that would offer a solution and not simply satisfy the question. Although I have not made a final choice among the presidential candidates, I do know that I would like to see these type of candidates running our government at the local level as well.

Americans want to see elected officials who can truly relate to the people and who are intelligent enough to know how to get things done without hurting the taxpayer regardless of party affiliation. The time has come.

~Elizabeth C. Perez, Candidate for Houston City Council At-Large #2

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