Cain Wants To Ride A 1999 Plymouth Prowler Down Pennsylvania Avenue!

This is a human interest story about Paul Hines supporting his candidate of choice. On the evening of November 5, after the Herman Cain/Newt Gingrich Debate, returning to my room I saw an awesome looking car with the names of Cain and Newt on it. It is unexpected to see both names of candidates on campaign vehicles. I took a few photos of the car and truck, but I found it really strange that the images were not what I was visually seeing. So I decided that I would find out why this was in the morning, possibly there was a story to tell.

Getting up early after staying up late at a party held for the TexasGOPVote bloggers, this was a labor of love. At about 7am really 6am because of the time change, I spoke to Paul Hines from St. Hedwig, Texas. He told me he worked for Communications Construction part time. He also said he personally financed the paint job to the tune of $10,000 plus the car. The car is a 1999 Plymouth Prowler and that only 12,000 were made over a period of five years. Hines told me that the reason the car changes color when using a strobe, is because the ‘paint’ is reflective vinyl.

He also said that this was the 7th or 8th version of the design. The first version was of GW Bush, and he even had Kinky Friedman version during the Governor’s race. He said that TEA PARTY were the only words for two years before he added any candidates’ names. Hines proceeded to tell me that he had driven the car to Des Moines, Iowa, while Herman Cain was there. Cain sat in the car and said, “We could use this down Pennsylvania Avenue.” My thoughts were that Cain was a little presumptuous in the midst of his sexual allegations and lack of knowledge in the Cain Gingrich Debate. Hines commented, “I hope he does,” but quickly changed his mind and said he was leaning towards Newt Gingrich after the debate. My question was simple, “Why not Perry?” Hines replied, “I did have Perry first but after his first debate I was embarrassed.” So I proceeded to ask, “What about the sexual allegations brought on Cain. Wouldn’t that be pretty embarrassing”? His answer was, “This will pass and they (MSM) have done it to all candidates.” My next question, “Does it bother you that money was paid?” “No, I don’t get into legal settlements. The fact that $35,000 and $45,000 was paid does not bother me.” It appears that Hines puts a lot of value on the debates and not what the candidate brings to the table regarding the economy, jobs, or immigration. Character, experience or knowledge was not a consideration.

Hines then told me he does not trust the mainstream media because he believes it is a ‘little’ slanted. He said he was skeptical and felt hopeless at times when it came to the MSM. When Hines said he felt hopeless concerning the MSM, that was when I connected with this American supporting his candidate of choice. The MSM has made it extremely difficult for any of the conservatives, especially Rick Perry, to rise to the top. The MSM has also steered the American people from one candidate to another. Americans don’t really know what to believe. Hines is a perfect example of how the MSM has control over the masses. The MSM has confused and diluted the facts on the candidates to the point that no one seems to understand the issues or care. Wonder how Hines will feel if Cain lets him down by being found responsible of sexually harassing, not one, but four women? Who will he believe the MSM, Cain or will he believe in himself and use critical deduction?


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