Conservatives - Beware Of The ‘Conservative Majority Fund!’ Ad Against Obama And What Has Come Over Senators Coburn And Young?


Am I the only conservative who is suspicious of the ‘Conservative Majority Fund’s’ persuasive TV ad urging us to sign the petition to keep Obama off all State Presidential ballots and forcing the Democratic Party to nominate a new candidate for president?

While I agree with the charges leveled at Obama in the ad, I cannot help but wonder if the Democrats feel that Obama could lose the election and think another Democrat presidential candidate (like Hillary?) could lure disgruntled Democrats and Independents back into the fold to defeat Romney? That would be disastrous!

Let’s not encourage the Dems to regroup behind some other Democrat presidential candidate! We need to elect Romney President and a Conservative Republican Senate if we really want to Repeal Obamacare!

Without a Conservative Republican Senate Majority, Obamacare cannot be overturned. Now, Republican Senators, Coburn (OK) and Young (AK), have endorsed Democrat candidates over Republican candidates in two states!It appears that both Senators have permitted the ‘good old boy’ camaraderie to scramble their brains!

Will someone please hide the Kool Aid bottle?



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