David Medina Endorsed by Conservative, Pro-life Individuals and Organizations in Run-off Election for Texas Supreme Court, Place 4

With the Texas Primary Election day behind us, candidates who have not yet secured their nomination are now gearing up for the July 31st Run-off elections. One very important run-off race is between Justice David Medina and John Devine for Texas Supreme Court, Place 4. The Supreme Court of Texas is the court of last resort for civil matters in the State of Texas. The race for Supreme Court Justice is one of just a few state-wide races in the elections; and therefore, one that every voting Texan can have a say on.

When electing a Justice to the Supreme Court of Texas, it is important to look for a conservative with integrity and experience and who will uphold the Constitution. These are exactly the qualities that Governor Rick Perry saw in Justice David Medina when he appointed him to the Texas Supreme Court in 2004. Justice David Medina went on to win his election to the Supreme Court of Texas in 2006 and is now running for re-election. 

Governor Rick Perry is not the only public servant to have spoken highly of Justice David Medina. 

Senator Dan Patrick expressed his endorsement of Justice Medina: “Texans need to return Justice David Medina to the Texas Supreme Court...Texas Right to Life has endorsed him. Don’t be fooled...David Medina is the true conservative!”

State Senator Joan Huffman has also endorsed David Medina, stating: “Justice David Medina has my vote and my solid support. Pro-business and pro-family groups across Texas are also supporting his re-election.” 

In fact, many organizations representing conservative, pro-life and pro-family values are endorsing David Medina for Supreme Court, including Texas Right to Life, Texas Alliance for Life, and the Texas Home School Coalition PAC.

Along with his eight years of experience on the bench of the Texas Supreme Court, Justice Medina worked in the private sector, was a professor of law, was appointed by Gov. George W. Bush to the 157th State District Court, and was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry to serve as his General Counsel.

“I looked for a person who would further the court’s philosophy of judicial restraint, a person of integrity who would keep faith with the people of Texas, and a person whose courtroom experience would add new talent and continued professionalism to the Supreme Court. I found all of those qualifications and more in Judge David Medina.” - Governor Rick Perry

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