Democrat Party County Chair Follows Lead of Lawless, Dictatorial, Undemocratic President to Disenfranchise over 31,000 Harris County Voters

Once again the Democrat Party shows they do not believe the rule of law applies to them. In a stunning move yesterday, Harris County Democrat Party Chairman Lane Lewis overruled the will of the Primary Election voters who selected Lloyd Oliver to be their candidate for District Attorney. This, of course, is only the latest example of Democrats simply ignoroing the law to get what they want in elections and in governance. Remember the New Jersey Senate Race in 2002?

Just 35 days before the 2002 general election, NJ Democrats removed and replaced their embattled senate candidate, incumbent Senator Robert Torricelli. New Jersey law bars parties from replacing candidates on the ballot within 51 days of the election.  Well, that is just a little law we don't need to pay attention to...  At least if you are a Democrat.

The Todd Akin mess-up is a clear contrast between Republican and Democrat party behavior in how the law governs our elections.  Republicans, for the most part, want US Senate Candidate Todd Akin to not be on the ballot because of his remarks. They asked him to step down. He did not. End of story. But here in Harris County, the Democrat Party didn't like that Oliver said, after the primary election, that if he had voted in the Republican Primary, he would have voted for Pat Lykos. But since the law means little to Democrats who have an agenda, they removed him from the ballot.

The pattern of lawlessness from Democrats continues.  When the Democrat President, Barack Obama, doesn't like what our Congress does, or doesn't do, he just makes new law on his own. Just like he did when he created a new guest worker program for DREAMers with no statutory authority. Or, when the US Senate (under Democrat leadership by the way) won't approve some of the president's nominees for appointments, he just declares a recess appointment. Never mind the US Senate was not in recess at the time.  Or how about when the President wants to bomb Libya and does so with no authorization from the House of Representatives as required under the War Powers Act?  I can just hear Obama saying, Laws?  We don't need no stinking laws!  And that appears to be the real core value of the Democrat Party.  

One of the fundamental laws of our nation requires the Congress to pass a budget every year.  Yet, the Democrats, under the leadership of Nevada Senator Harry Reid, have not passed a budget since Obama took office.  

Democrats look outside our nation to try and bypass our Constitution. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is hard at work trying to pass a UN Small Arms Treaty that would gut the Constitution's Second Amendment. This comes on the tail of the Obama Administration's failed "Fast and Furious" gun running program where they illegally allowed guns to be sold to criminals and smuggled into Mexico to attempt to further their anti-gun agenda.  Even after being held in Contempt of Congress, Attorney General Eric Holder continues to ignore the law.

I asked the Texas Secretary of State's Office (SOS) if there is any statutory authority for a party to remove a nominee from the general election ballot. SOS spokesman Rich Parson replied, "There is nothing in the Texas Election Code that permits a party from removing a nominee because the nominee violated a party rule."

Apparently the Harris County Democrat Party thinks they can just ignore the law.  An attorney for the party, Chad Dunn, told the Houston Chronicle, "I think the law is very clear that political parties can't be forced by the state, either by statute or some state officer's requirement, to have a nominee in a race they don't want to have a nominee in."

Never mind 31,298 voters chose to nominate Oliver to be their candidate for Harris County District Attorney.  Never mind the Texas Election Code does not give them the authority to remove him. Clearly the Harris County Democrat Party is saying their voters are stupid and don't deserve their voice in this process.

Elections are important. It is your opportunity to select who you want to represent you in our Republic.  Our country is supposed to be governed by the rule of law, not the will of men.  But time and time again, Democrats continue to show their will is more important that our laws. This action by the Harris County Democrats serves as one more reminder about how little Democrats care about the rule of law and the will of voters.  From President Obama down to their county party chair, they think the law doesn't matter. We must show them with our votes that it does.


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