Democrat Protesters Invade Harris County Republican Party Building - Assaulted Other Businesses as well.

It seems the Democrats are getting desperate. This morning around 10 am, a group of around one hundred protesters gathered in front of the entrance to the Harris County Republican Party (HCRP), located at 3311 Richmond Ave, to protest. They blocked the building entrance for about a half hour and then decided to enter the building.

Despite the fact that the HCRP is located on the second floor, protesters occupied all three floors of the building and entered private offices of several companies. According to a witness at the scene, one of the HCRP volunteers, a senior woman, was scared nearly to death by the actions of the protesters. Witnesses said the protesters used bullhorns and were shouting loudly, cussing and using the "F" bomb regularly.

Small but Very Loud Group of Democrat Protesters Occupy Harris County Republican Party HQ

It is unknown whether the protesters had permits for the protest or for the bullhorns as required by Houston City Ordinances.  

After terrorizing the building occupants, the protesters went back outside the building and continued to block the entrance for about another half hour. They eventually left the property.

These appear to be the same group of people who showed up at the HCRP Healthcare Town Hall meeting held last week by Chairman Jared Woodfill. The meeting featured a presentation by Congressman Ted Poe (R - CD 2).  Earlier that day these same protesters attempted to invade the law offices of US Senate Candidate Ted Cruz in downtown Houston.

Chairman Woodfill said today, "Here it is, 11 am and most of us are hard at work. Obviously, President Obama hasn't created enough jobs and these people have nothing to do but go around and violate the private property rights of our office and these other businesses."  

Interestingly, the state office, whose entrance was also blocked for nearly an hour, is that of the Texas Rehabilitation Commission. I wonder how many disabled people they interfered with.

The group carried signs for a group called "Putting Houston First". A web search did not find any such organization. It is hard to imagine how this type of behavior puts anyone first.

Protesters finally left the building. My sources tell me police issued nine tickets to the protesters during the incident. No arrests were made.

Democrats are getting desperate. They know they are about to lose power and nothing scares Democrats more than losing power. They will do whatever it takes to shut down debate.  They will grow more and more bold as we get closer to this very important election.  Stand your ground. Stay firm in your convictions and get out the vote!


Photos by Brian Cweren



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Found the website they are probably connected to.  Check out who it is!!! 

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