Democrat Texas CD-34 Candidate and Cameron County DA Armando Villalobos Under Investigation for Racketeering

Cameron County deserves better than this!

In a press conference Monday morning, Armando Villalobos, Cameron County District Attorney and Democrat Candidate for Texas Congressional District 34, confirmed that hes under federal investigation regarding the Abel Limas corruption scandal. Abel Limas, a former Judge for the 404th State District, and nine others have been indicted in federal court for their roles in a cash for court favors scheme.

At this time, Villalobos maintains his innocence but cannot explain or refute the allegations.

Adela Garza, Republican Candidate for Texas CD-34, remarks: "Our officials and public servants have failed to represent us with honesty and integrity. For 36 years I have served, been appointed, and been elected to positions in our community that require the highest level of integrity and honesty. That is why I am running to represent Congressional District 34. I am a candidate you can trust. Vote for dedicated service. Vote for proven honesty."

With the Primary less than a month away, isnt it time we vote out corrupted politicians? South Texas deserves public servants with integrity. 

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It is interesting to note how the Democrat bosses have always tried to style themselves as "progressives" in Cameron County, while the true progressives are those fighting the "patrones" and "politiqueras," who have, for generations, served as the foot soldiers for "compadres" seeking office for personal gain. It would then follow that one would be more likely to find real progressives working for clean and open government in the Republican Party of Texas, and this is particularly true in Cameron County, where we are just beginning to see the tip of the corruption iceberg. Adela Garza is a breath of fresh air!

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