Democratic Strategy

The Democratic strategy for 2012 is based on multifaceted effort to rebuild the 2008 coalition of upper income liberals, working class whites, and increase voter turnout among youth votes and minorities, all while hoping the media will simply fall in line like they did in 2008. The conventional wisdom is that Obama's reelection chances are slim to zero, and slim is boarding the train to leave town. However, that is not the case, for there is time for Obama to make his own imprint on the elections. It can be said that a President can be a prisoner of events, but Presidents can shape events as well. Presidents can shape their own fates and turn events into their favor. Certainly the killing of Osama Bin Laden gave Obama a boost in the polls for brief moments. There is more than enough terrorists to send drones after.

The Democratic viewed 2008 as a transformational election and the beginning of leftist domination of the political spectrum,s and why not? An alliance of upper incomes and Super Rich provided the funding to win elections and other demographics provided votes. The youth vote for the past decade has shifted left, and one reason is that 18-29 has a higher percentage of minorities than the past generation. A Democratic planner viewed and still views the future with optimism. The key to Democratic victories is to keep their hold on minority votes. As Hispanic and African-American voters increase, this will enable Democrats to maintain hold in key battleground states while threatening to expand influence in key Red States like Arizona and Texas. Hispanics registered voters have traditionally voted in less of a percentage compared to African-Americans and Whites, but what if they increase their voter turnout? This certainly would aid any Democratic strategy in the future. So the youth vote and Democratic hold on minorities are related to any future Democratic plans.

Another aspect is that the Democrats have attempted to create a dependency state with more and more Americans dependent upon government services, whether it is health care or to derail any reforms of social security. So Obamacare was a necessity since if the Government provides healthcare to Americans, it will forestall any attempt to reducing government spending and keep tax levels high.

In 2008, Wall Street provided the funds for Obama to begin his campaign and rich Democratic donors like George Soros, along with Union, funded independent groups. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, a Democratic strategist noted that Obama will attempt a strategy similar to what Gray Davis did in the 2002 governor race and what Bill Clinton did in 1995: spend a ton of money in the primary, attack Republicans, and set the agenda. If Obama does not have a primary opponent, he can use his resources going after Republicans while the Republicans are busy attacking each other. This is a realistic strategy since Obama will have a ton of money available, close to billions over the election cycle.

Occupy Wall Street is the left version of the Tea Party, the grassroots who hit the street; but unlike the Tea Party, their goal is anarchy and to disrupt the functioning of major cities while protesting the powers to be. If the Tea Party represents the rule of law and returns to the Constitution, the Occupy Wall Street is about mob rule with support from unions and the Democratic establishment. They are the shock troops, who create chaos while gaining empathy from the media since their goal is the Democratic Party goal and much of the media as well. Occupy Wall Street is the dependency state on parade demanding their rights. The goal is to excite the base and send a message to the Tea Party and others, “We own the street.” The media will claim that the protestors are the will of the People even though they totally dissed the Tea Party who actually represented a higher number of Americans.

The street protests go with Democratic attack on the rich and Wall Street as Democrats have decided to go with class warfare tact for a simple reason, the other alternative will be to reverse Obamanomics and return to a new version of Reaganomics. Class warfare fits in with the leftist domination of the Democratic Party. It is not just about winning the election; it is about ideology, for the left truly believes that Keynesian on steroids actually worked to save us from a Great Depression and will save us from the upcoming recession.

The Democratic key to victory will be to get out the vote. With many minorities reeling from the recession, the enthusiasm for Obama has been stifled, in particular among minorities. Democratic strategy will match what Lorretta Sanchez did in her reelection in 2010 when she did an ad that simply stated, “They are trying to steal our seats.” Her reference was to Hispanic voters that the Vietnamese Republican was trying to unseat the Hispanic candidate. Outright racial appeal was never condemned by the left but actually supported by the Democratic Party machinery.

Democrats will repeat similar appeals throughout many minority communities, in particular African-Americans where the message is “They are attacking our President and it is about race.” The left will use racial appeal to stroke up the fear among minorities of a Republican takeover. For Hispanics, "Your Uncle Jose will be deported at the local Dairy Queen.” For Blacks, "Republicans will take your vote away, and bring back slavery; least I forget, they are attacking our Black President because they are racist.” This explains why many on the left have accused the Tea Party of being racist, for it is part of a strategy.

Finally, look for fake Tea Party candidates in key swing districts to distract Republicans and force Republicans to defend themselves on two fronts. Least I forget, Mediscare will be the word. Seniors will be told that their Medicare and Social Security will be taken away and only a Democratic victory will save their social security checks.

The left is doing a scorch earth campaign and this campaign will continue beyond the election. This campaign will be based on the 1996 Clinton re-election campaign and the 2002 California election as the Democrats will target Republicans while Republicans are vying against each other during the primary. It will also combine the tactics of Democrats and their union allies in Wisconsin, in which protestors hit the street, unions threatened businesses to support them or else face boycotts and forced recall elections against a sitting State Supreme Court Justice and Republican Senators. They outspent the right and only the grassroots, much of it Tea Party supporters, saved the Republicans from defeat. The Walker reforms nearly were derailed before they got started. These tactics are now going nationwide.


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