Dianne Costa Discusses Her Bid For The 25th Congressional District On The Mark Davis Show

Tuesday, Former Highland Village Mayor Dianne Costa was interviewed on The Mark Davis Show to discuss her candidacy for U.S Congressional District, CD-25. Below is audio and a transcript of their conversation. As a proven conservative leader, Costa gives a brief overview of her record as Mayor for the City of Highland Village and explains how her experience and skill set will serve the citizens of District 25 well in Washington D.C.

Mark Davis: In District 25, which has been redrawn, it stretches from Burleson and stretches all the way down to the Hill Country and the western end of Austin. It is currently a seat held by Loyd Doggett, but not for much longer; he will be gone. Well he might win another seat, that would be the heavily Democratic newly drawn 35 around San Antonio. But into the 25th for a Republican who will win, but the question is, what Republican? Will it be Michael Williams from the Railroad Commission who has gone to District 25 from District 33, Sid Miller out of Stephenville, a state representative, might run. I'll tell you someone who is absolutely running, someone I run into seemingly all the time and it's always a joy, Former Highland Village Mayor, Denton County icon, Dianne Costa. Hey Dianne, how are you doing?

Dianne Costa: I am great Mark, how are you?

Mark Davis: I am spectacular. It's kind of funny, the last time you and I spoke, or maybe a couple times back, you knew you were going to run for Congress, it was just kind a matter of where. You had to wait for the lines to be drawn, for things to kind of settle, so tell me how that went and how your decision making went. Dianne Costa: Well the decision making first to run was from was from people who knew me as Mayor and people in Washington, where we had done things before in other areas, and my family in particular. Once the decision was made that this is what I was to do, that I was created for such a time as this, just as you said, we waited for the dust to settle. When you look at District 25, it is an amazing district. Yes, it's long, but it is very diverse and completely what I think is a good fit for Dianne Costa with those citizens.

Mark Davis: The question I had to ask for everybody, I had to ask Michael, I have to ask everybody with all the redistricting and everything, the first thing you have to do is establish a presence there, for those that don't know, Highland Village is up in Denton County, which is just a magnificent place, we'll talk about that in just a minute, up sort of north of Flower Mound. The first thing you have to do, do you have to move?

Dianne Costa: I do not have to move. In fact, one of the great issues about District 25 is that my family and I have a ranch called Cielito Lindo in Hamilton County, which happens to be in the district. We bought property there years ago, we love the area, it was by choice. As you know, running for US Congress, you do not have to live in the District, and I'll tell you what, as long as some of these districts are, it would be impossible to live in every aspect of this district, but we do have property there, we're committed there, and I think it's going to be a great fit.

Mark Davis: Well, let's talk some issues here. Every Republican Primary attracts people, and it's a way to kind of out conservative each other and try to out track record each other. What do you bring to the table that you would like everyone to know about? 

Dianne Costa: I'm a proven leader. The issues that people are talking about, what we call the cookie cutter issues, absolutely they're ones that I believe my opponents and I will be talking about, and I've actually been through those issues as Mayor. I was able to address issues of jobs, the economy, of a balanced budget. All those things that are issues at the national level, we dealt with at the municipal level, which is the level closest to the people, which means huge accountability on everything you say, you do, you run into them as the grocery store, your church, the local restaurant, you answer to these people, and I think that accountability is one thing that is needed in Washington, and so I don't just talk it, I've done it, and it's very successful. All you have to do is look at where we were and where we went, and we got it done, and I think we can take the same model back to the basics of what government was intended to be, no more, no less.

Mark Davis: If you had been in Congress now, how would you have piloted your constituents through the whole debt limit increase thing?

Dianne Costa: You know, it's a tough topic, but I think one of the most important things that I did at the Mayor level and I think we have to do is stay on the issues and relay those to the constituents and talk to the constituents because remember we're their voice, not necessarily what we think, what we believe, what our agenda is, we have to represent our citizens, and the issue with that is for Dianne Costa, and I believe most Americans, there's no balanced budget amendment. What's going to make them live by a budget? You know, I had some of my friends who voted for the budget, some that voted against, and I think I probably, of course not knowing all the information that they may know, I would have voted against it. You don't reward people for bad behavior, and with spending, we can't do it in our businesses, we can't do it in our home without suffering consequences. You know, we had a balanced budget, we had to do it at the city level. I put the budget on the website for our citizens to se before it was approved.

 Mark Davis: Whether you have Michael or Sid Miller, you've got a state rep and a statewide known guy, and we've all been in the same room with these guys and there's plenty of love in the room, and the Primary means that you have to run against these folks, and that involves raising money and separating yourself out and making people recognize you so you can win. How do you distinguish yourself in that regard?

Dianne Costa: Well, I'll tell you what, again, it goes back to the issues that are important today were the issues that we tackled. I've been up since 4:30 this morning, we've been on the road, we're heading toward the district. These next few months we're going to be living in that district. James Barnes is my Campaign Director. He's here with me, pushing me. In fact, we had to pull off the road to take this call, and I want to thank the people at Comfort Suites and [a very nice gentleman], in particular, for allowing us to use his conference room on the way to the District, but I think it will shape itself out, Mark. I think people will see someone who has done the job, is willing to do the job, a no nonsense person, who doesn't deviate from what her constituents want, doesn't change her mind, what you see is what you get, and that's what we need in Washington.

Mark Davis: The slogan on the website says "DCtoDC" as in Dianne Costa to Washington, DC. The website is DianneCostaforCongress.com. Out of Highland Village and maybe to Capitol Hill. Pleasure talking to you. I know we'll be in the same room somewhere sometime. I appreciate it, Dianne, thanks a millions.

Dianne Costa: God bless you my brother.

Mark Davis: Same to you. Alright, the website again, DianneCostaforCongress.com. She is a very, very neat lady.

Mark Davis discusses Dianne Costa in the video below:


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