The Election Is About More Than Jobs

What if the Economy should improve between now and November?

All of the Republicans and Obama agree that jobs need to be created. They just differ on HOW to create the jobs—the private sector or the government.

If per chance the unemployment figures should dramatically decrease between now and November, where will that leave the Republicans if that is all they have talked about?

There are numerous issues of concern to even the unemployed as to the freedoms that will be lost under another four-year Obama Administration.

  • According to polls Americans-- Democrats, Republicans and Independents-- overwhelmingly support the right of peaceable individual citizens to Keep and Bear Arms. Obama, the Justice Department, some courts, the UN and liberals in Congress, want to take that right away, which is now protected under the Second Amendment.
  • Any new Supreme Court Justices appointed under Obama would be activist judges and would be there for the next 50 years.
  • Obama’s Healthcare plan will ration healthcare through non-medical government appointees who will dictate to doctors what treatment, if any, can be given to Americans over 70 years of age--longevity versus the cost of treatment. 
  • Obama is planning to share U.S. missile defense secrets with Russia, over the strenuous objections of security officials who say it could devastate the effectiveness of our entire defense system. They also fear Russia will share our secrets with China, Iran and North Korea. 
  • Obama wants to continue his unconstitutional declarations for US military action where and when he so chooses without a Declaration of War from the Congress, while at the same time reducing the strength of our military. 
  • Obama will continue to push the UN Agenda 21 (sustainable development) which will take away our property rights and more of our individual liberty. 
  • Obama will continue to appoint czars to regulate everything about our daily lives.
  • Obama will continue to support Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.
  • Obama will continue to deny the drilling of oil and gas wells in the United States and to stop the Canadian pipeline, which could result in the oil being shipped to China and the loss of thousands of jobs for workers. 
  • Obama will continue to increase the national debt unless a conservative, spending-cut takeover, of the House and Senate occurs to stop him. A veto-proof congress is badly needed and we should concentrate on electing Senators and House members who can stop him if Obama should be re-elected.
  • Obama will continue to refuse the closing of our borders and enforcement of existing immigration laws. If illegals were barred from employment, no jobs would lead to attrition and the voluntary return home of illegal workers.
  • Obama will refuse to cut off aid to our enemies and will continue to increase our indebtedness to China.
  • Obama will continue to call for no credit checks for home loans to those who are unable to meet their mortgage payments.
  • Obama will continue to raise taxes on those who pay taxes and not require the 47% plus who pay no taxes to begin paying.

These are all issues the Republicans in the presidential and congressional races need to speak strongly to. So, if the Republican candidates refuse to hit hard on these and other Obama freedom-destroying policies, not just ‘jobs’, then the GOP can expect rough-going in the General election. The voters need to be reminded of the loss of freedom, not just jobs, another four years of Obama will bring.

Don’t think for a minute that Obama’s popularity is too low for him to come out the winner. Just pray that God will see fit to remove Obama from office and give America a second chance.


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