Help Romney Restore America

It occurred to me that some could think that after I consistently opposed Mitt Romney throughout the primaries, supporting Gingrich, I might have receded from the scene because I would not support Romney. Particularly with the election now within a few weeks, I should emphatically say that nothing could be further from the truth. I have had other distractions, but have mainly been dealing with medical issues. But, I’m backing Romney 100%. Our country is in a very troubled condition right now. There is much work to be done or the American ideal and dream will be permanently impaired. Mitt Romney is not naturally a philosophical conservative. But he has conservative sentiments and particularly in the crisis we are in, he will deal with them as a competent executive. Today, we can’t afford to trifle with imprudent policy. George W. Bush, fine man that he is, presided over too much spending because we were relatively healthy and money was there to spend. Today we are not and it is not.

I suppose I could be wrong and something still could happen to change. I expect Democrats aren’t through with criticisms and surprises. But prospects for a Romney win look pretty good, right now. Of course Republicans need to capture The Senate and hold The House. Conservatives in Congress would move conservative policy that Romney would not be hostile to. I’m not as jazzed about Romney as I was about Ronald Reagan. However Paul Ryan poses a more deliberate conservative successor than the lifelong administrator George H.W. Bush. I know there are some, though I think not many, who are reticent about Romney’s conservatism or his Mormon faith, even though his personal and family history have been exemplary. So let it be clear: This conservative evangelical Christian supports and will vote Romney-Ryan without reservation.


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