How Can You Watch the Cain-Gingrich Debate?

If you are not able to make the trip to Texas, the C-SPAN Network, WSB Radio Network and The Neal Boortz Network will offer fully televised and audio live broadcasts of The Cain-Gingrich Debate on November 5th in The Woodlands, TX, which starts at 7pm. It will also receive coverage from major media networks as well as TexasGOPVote.

"We have had tremendous interest in this debate," says Julie Turner, President of the Texas Patriots PAC. "This event fundamentally changes the way 'We the People' make decisions about whom to support. We believe these news and media organizations are a perfect fit for this format. We are committed to provide access to what happens in this historic debate to the most people for the longest period of time, and we will do that after the event using the web."

The one and a half hour debate will be lightly moderated by Rep. Steve King of Iowa and Ben Streusand, Chairman of the Texas Advisory Board of Americans for Prosperity. The candidates will be seated for a roundtable discussion. This will be a unique opportunity for people to really get to know each of these candidates - you will not want to miss out!

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