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Yesterday was the last day of 2011, and as I looked around and saw how America is being transformed, I know that we have to stop the damage that goes on each and every day. Sometimes it is difficult to recollect what events had an impact on our lives. Your list of the most important events of 2011 may very well be different than mine, but not all events affect us the same way. These are the most significant events in 2011 that I believe showed the world who we are. Obama is at the top and bottom because as long as he is at the helm, America will not thrive. You may wonder why I listed the NBA standoff…I found it very distressing and disgusting that while our economy struggles, these basketball players were negotiating millions of dollars to add to their bank accounts. The debt ceiling crisis led to the downgrade by Standard and Poor’s and now Obama is asking for another ceiling raise. The Response led by our Texas Governor gave me hope that America still believes in a higher power.

Libya no fly zone - March
The Killing of Osama bin Laden - May
The Debt Ceiling crisis - July
The Response - August
The downgrade by Standard and Poor’s - August
Texas Wildfires - September
NBA Standoff - November
End of the Iraqi War - December

Obama has showed over and over again that he is a weak leader in his domestic and foreign policies. He involved us in the Libya war and the slaughter of Gaddafi. This may, in the long run, not go well for America. Iran has Nuclear Weapons and threatens to annihilate Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. As if that is not enough, Iran is mocking us by threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz. If this happens, there will be an energy crisis of massive proportions.

It is imperative that we choose carefully our GOP presidential candidate. On January 3, 2012 Iowa will hold its caucuses to select a presidential ‘winner’. Right now the polls show that Mitt Romney is leading with 23% and Ron Paul is second with 21%. It will be a sad day for America if Paul is the winner. If he wins, Iowa will no longer be credible as a conservative state. Rick Santorum 15% and Rick Perry 14% are fighting for third place and Newt Gingrich has dropped to fifth place with 13%. As you can see, it is anybody’s guess what the people in Iowa will finally decide. Keep in mind that Santorum has been to all 99 counties and has not had his day in the sun and Paul has had a presence in Iowa since 2008. We must pray that the people of Iowa use discernment when going to their caucuses.

I am flying to Iowa today to be part of the Perry Strike Force, and I ask for your prayers. I sincerely believe that Perry is the best qualified candidate to lead us back to economic recovery because of his proven record in Texas. No other candidate has the knowledge and experience at the Mexico/Texas border than Perry and his experience in handling catastrophes like the Texas wildfires and Hurricane Rita would serve him well as our president. I also believe that Perry will put God back into the White House. On a personal level, I wanted to experience first hand what goes on at a caucus as well as witness history. Some of you may be pulling for a different candidate, and I respect that. This presidential election will be a turning point in America’s future, and in the end, we all have to come together to overthrow Obama. I shutter to think what 2012 holds for us if Obama continues this path of destruction, or worse, if he is reelected. The Texas primary will be on April 3rd and by that time there will be candidates who drop out. I suspect that Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann and even Santorum will not be able to see their campaign to the end because of a lack of funding. Gingrich does not have the organization and may not have the funding, so we will see how he fares. Romney and Perry are the only candidates with the money and organization to see the race to the bitter end. While Paul has the organization and possibly the funding, his radical ideas will keep him from gaining the nomination.

When I return, I will give you a full account of what happened. In the meantime I will be posting on the Conservatives in Action FB page and will blog for TexasGOPVote.


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