"It is an Honor to be the Foods Stamp President..." Jesse Jackson Honors the Enslavement of American Citizens

Jesse Jackson has often been referred to as a "Poverty Pimp" because of his statements and actions that have brought more harm and suffering to minorities than perhaps any other person in modern society. The liberal policies he promotes are enslaving entire communities. But now he has taken it to a whole new level by saying it is an honor for President Obama to be the "Food Stamp President". Let's take a close look at his words.  

On this weekend's Rainbow PUSH forum (Jackson's radio show) broadcast on the World Network, Jackson said, "Say, it's an honor to be a food stamp president. Food stamps feed the hungry. Food stamps save the children. Food stamps help the farmer. Food stamps help the truck driver. Food stamps help the warehouse. Food stamps help the store. Food stamps hire people and feed people. Food stamps save people from starvation and malnutrition. Whenever you attack feeding the hungry, you undermine the moral authority of our faith. Give President Barack Obama a big hand. Show your love. Show your appreciation."

On its own, the comments sound ludicrous. However, they nearly mirror former Speaker Nancy Peolosi's comments about unemployment benefits when she said, "Let me say that unemployment insurance… is one of the biggest stimuluses (sic) to our economy. Economists will tell you, this money is spent quickly. It injects demand into the economy, and it’s job creating. It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."

Really? Unemployment creates jobs? I guess that is akin to the liberal belief that somehow abortion creates life? So be it... The logic of the American Liberal - the believers that only government can provide solutions to people.  How's that working for ya?...

Detroit is a shining example of the SuperMassive Blue Hole created by decades of liberal policies and control.

The reality is programs like food stamps and extended unemployment represent theft and negative energy. They steal the spirit from people - the drive to achieve. They steal money from the economy by creating bureaucratic overhead to administer costly programs. They have effectively enslaved large segments of the population who have become dependent on the government for their very livelihood instead of self-reliance or the reliance upon family, friends and community for support.

Let's look at Jackson's words in another context. The Democrats and Liberals like Jackson are creating a new slave cast in America. So what he is really saying is "It is an honor to be the Slavery President..." Let's take a satirical look at the words of praise heaped upon a fictitious American president of the early 19th Century... President Bradley Q. Slaveowner.

"Say, it's an honor to be a slavery president. Slavery feeds the hungry. Slavery saves the children. Slavery helps the farmer. For if they had been left in their old country they would have starved or been killed in tribal wars.  Slavery helps the wagon builders. Slavery helps the shipbuilder. Slavery helps the merchant and creates more employment. Slavery hires people and feeds people. Slavery saves people from starvation and malnutrition. Whenever you attack slavery, you undermine the moral authority of our faith. Give President Slaveowner a big hand. Show your love. Show your appreciation."

Doesn't that sound absurd? We know that none of that is the truth. We know that is the antithesis of our American spirit of creativity and ingenuity. We know we are better than that.

So why then, do we allow people like Jackson and Pelosi to espouse the virtues of modern day enslavement of Americans?  Why do we not attack the principles they espouse?  Why are we afraid to speak out against Jackson's idiocy?

We are not! We will not hide! We will stand up for the real America where people are free and encouraged to achieve.  We will take this country back from those who would enslave us all and pay for it with the stolen treasure of those who have already achieved.  The beliefs of people like Jackson and Pelosi are a cancer on the American traditions of adventure and free enterprise.  Only when a person is free can they achieve.  Food stamps and extended unemployment is slavery.

This is truly what the election of 2012 is about. It is time to stop the continued enslavement of our people by the government. It is time to put our nation back on the track of economic opportunity by removing government from the backs of those who create. It is time We the People decide how we will spend our money, not the government. It is time We the People put the government back in its box and free up the mighty engine of productivity and creation We the People are capable of.  It is time...

Start now to take your government back from those who would enslave you.  If you aren't registered to vote - get registered!  If you know someone who believes as you do but they are not registered to vote, get them registered. Show up at the polls when we have our primary election. Show up at the polls in November. Find local candidates to support because that is where real change begins! Bring victory to America and send "Amerika" back to the ash heap of the former Soviet Socialist society the leftists wanted us to become.


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