Jessica Puente Bradshaw Robinson Continues the Lies Against Adela Garza


This week, CD-34 Run-off CandidateAdela Garza's campaign was hit from her opponent, Jessica Puente Bradshaw Robinson (JPBR) (or whatever her name is) with an email blast packed with lies about Garza's positions on the Second Amendment. Apparently, JPBR is trying to make political capital out of the massacre in Aurora, Colorado and scare people into believing Garza is somehow anti-gun.

First, let me say that Garza has an AQ rating from the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). This is the highest rating any candidate can have who has never held public office where they would have a voting record. The rating is based on the candidates' answers to the NRA-ILA questionnaire.

Jessica Puente Bradshaw seems comfortable spreading lies

Jessica Puente Bradshaw Robinson seems as comfortable with her lies as...  well, you know who...

In the email blast, JPBR claims that Garza "refuses" to answer a survey from a little known gun organization based out of Colorado. The organization has the rather impressive sounding name of National Association of Gun Rights(NAGR). In my day job, I am Vice-President of Blue Wonder Gun Care Products. In the more than ten years I have been in this industry, I can tell you I have never heard of or seen this group in any of the national publications I read or national trade shows I have attended. They appear to have no paid membership and spend the overwhelming majority of their budget on advertising for donations. That said, I certainly applaud any organization that supports the Second Amendment, but can a candidate really be expected to respond to every questionnaire from relatively small organizations? Garza told me she has never seen a questionnaire from this group.

The NAGR seems to accuse Garza of somehow hiding her "anti-gun" positions by refusing to answering them. The truth is, Garza has not refused to answer their questions.  She never received them. But she is certainly willing to answer the questions they put in the email blast and here are those answers:

  • "Does Adela Garza support banning semi-automatic sporting and hunting rifles?"  I asked Garza this question and her answer is "No".
  • "Is Adela Garza in favor of the U.N. gun controls that are right now looming over our heads?"  I asked Garza this question and her answer is "No".
  • "Does Adela Garza support the imposing of burdensome background checks or national firearms licensing requirements?" I asked Garza this question and her answer is "No".
  • "Would Adela Garza join the rabid anti-gunners and vote to reinstitute the so-called 'assault weapons ban'?"  Again, I asked Garza this question and her answer was "No".

CD 34 Candidate Adela Garza with her gunsI have spoken with Garza on many occasions about the Second Amendment. Her answers are always consistent in support of gun owners and gun rights. She told me she loves it when her birthday comes around because her husband buys her a new gun every year. You have got to love a woman that looks forward to receiving a gun for a birthday present!

Perhaps, just perhaps, if Ms. JPBR would spend a little less time filling out surveys from more little known organizations and more time filling out the paperwork and reports REQUIRED BY LAW she wouldn't be late in filing her quarterly reports with the Federal Election Commission.

If she spent as much time accurately filling out her ballot application and petitions as she did answering the NAGR survey, perhaps she would be a legal candidate on the ballot. But alas, if JPBR were to somehow win this run-off election, all the Democrats have to do is challenge her application and she will be removed from the ballot. And, if they do it after August 24th, the Republican Party of Texas cannot replace her spot on the ballot.

I am supporting Adela Garza - a strong supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment.  



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