Justice David Medina, Experience, in the Supreme Court of Texas

I think the people of Texas would be doing themselves and their legal system a disservice if they were to decline his offer to serve them for another term. - Elizabeth Alvarez Bingham

It was Nov 9, 2004 when Gov. Rick Perry appointed David Medina for Supreme Court Justice, Place 4 and said, "I looked for a person who would further the court's philosophy of judicial restraint, a person of integrity who would keep faith with the people of Texas, and a person whose courtroom experience would add new talent and continued professionalism to the Supreme Court. I found all of those qualifications and more in Judge David Medina. Texans can know that they have an experienced, intelligent Justice in David Medina who will work with his colleagues to uphold our laws and Constitution in accordance with the intent of our lawmakers and Founding Fathers. Texans can know that he will keep the great trust they have placed in him." 

Justice Medina then ran for his position in 2006 and won.

Now, in the upcoming 2012 election, it’s time to re-elect him again.

Recently Elizabeth Alvarez, Attorney at Law and a strong Conservative Republican, shared with TexasGOPVote the following:

Choosing which Justices sit on our State Supreme Court is an honor that we, as Texans, should take very seriously. As a conservative who also happens to be an attorney, I am uniquely intrigued by the Republican Primaries as it regards Supreme Court seats. After careful review and reflection, I am convinced that although he is being challenged for his seat in the primary by two fellow conservatives, Justice Medina remains the clear, best, and for me, the only choice for Texas Supreme Court Place 4. Justice Medina is the perfect choice for the Texas conservative. He is a Texas born, Texas raised, constitutional conservative who knows what the people of Texas expect: for the laws of their State to be protected and upheld and for their justice system to be consistent and dependable. Justice Medina has a reputation as an approachable and wise Justice, who is thoughtful in his work. His published opinions reflect all these things, both when he writes for the majority and when he writes for the minority. When one views the combination of his experience as Governor Perry's General Counsel, a professor of law, a private General Counsel, a District Court Judge, and on the bench Supreme Court of Texas, with his values and conservative approach to interpreting the law, I think the people of Texas would be doing themselves and their legal system a disservice if they were to decline his offer to serve them for another term. 

Amanda Adamez, one of the shining stars in Texas and recently elected as State Chair of Texas College Republicans also shared with TexasGOPVote:

As a fellow Republican who understands the importance of the young conservatives in our party, Justice Medina has been a shining example of what hard work can accomplish. From meager beginnings, Justice Medina earned his undergraduate and law degrees and was on his way to the Texas Supreme Court telling us that "If I can do it, you can do it." He pledges to ensure the continued fairness, integrity and independence of the Texas judiciary, and I am proud to support Justice David Medina for the Texas Supreme Court, Place 4.

Justice David Medina continues to pick up significant endorsements daily. In fact he has gotten every endorsement from every Republican group that has interviewed him. Groups and leaders who know the candidates extremely well are supporting Justice Medina.

Justice David Medina won the Texas Bar Poll by a 6 to 1 margin over one of his opponents in the Republican Primary, John Devine. This is a poll voted on by lawyers, who would know the legal qualifications better than most citizens. The Houston Bar Association also voted him Qualified or Highly Qualified by an overwhelming margin and voted both of his challengers overwhelming UNQUALIFIED! In fact, John Devine is listed as receiving one of the highest vote totals for UNQUALIFIED!

Justice Medina has won every straw poll by an incredible margin: the Tarrant County Straw Poll (72%), the Downtown Houston Pachyderm Straw Poll (74 %), the Van Zant Tea Party Straw Poll (72%) and the Conservative Republicans of Harris County Straw Poll (80%). Most recently he was endorsed by the Kingwood Tea Party Advisory Board and the Houston Chronicle

When Texans make a decision for a Supreme Court Justice, they need to pay attention at the facts behind Justice Medina:

  • He doesn’t leave a job undone. 
  • In 1996, he was appointed by then-Gov. George W. Bush to the 157th State District Court in Harris County. 
  • Later, he became the first Republican Latino judge elected in Harris County. 
  • He was returned to office by the voters in 1998. 
  • He has done two successful stints in the private sector as a litigator. 
  • In 2004, he returned to public service when Gov. Rick Perry asked him to serve as General Counsel to the Governor. 
  • In November 2004, Gov. Perry appointment him to the Texas Supreme Court, and he was confirmed by the Texas Senate. 
  • In 2006, Texas voters kept him on the state’s high court and elected him to a six-year term – making him the first South Texas College of Law student and former General Counsel to the Governor elected to the Texas Supreme Court. 
  • He is a frequent speaker on legal issues and honored for his service and work on the bench by groups like P.O.L.I.C.E., Inc., the Mexican American Bar Foundation of Texas, Hispanic National Bar Association, Texas College Republicans, Faith and Freedom Coalition. 
  • He is a member of the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. 
  • He’s a former state Karate champion who has always fought for conservatives. 
  • He has served conservatives as vice president and president of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, was a Republican precinct chairman, was a delegate to Republican county and state conventions and was the Committee to Elect National GOP delegates. 
  • He is a former board member for Houston Metro, Habitat for Humanity and the Spring-Klein Baseball Association.

It is clear that Justice David Medina is a committed conservative, thoughtful jurist and dedicated parent. Medina's opponent John Devine was Judge of the 190th State District Court in Harris County and then quit on the voters and started a long string of races and losses:

2002 – Ran for Harris County Attorney – REJECTED BY VOTERS
2004 – Ran for the Tenth Congressional District – REJECTED BY VOTERS
2006 – Ran for the Texas State House, District 126 – REJECTED BY VOTERS
2010 – Ran for Judge, 221st State District Court in Montgomery County – REJECTED BY VOTERS AGAIN … IN ANOTHER COUNTY .

How is it that John Devine now wants a seat on the Texas Supreme Court? It seems that someone who is running for office this much cares more about holding an office than the people he would represent. It does not look like public service, but it looks more like ambition.

According to an email from former Texas State District Judge Scott Link to TexasGOPVote, when Judge Link asked John Devine why he was running for Texas Supreme Court, Devine stated that 1.) He needed the job and 2.) He could beat a Mexican (referring to Justice Medina) in a Republican Primary. Does that sound like someone who is running for the right reasons?

Let’s remember that when John Devine was state judge for the 190th District, in his final contribution and expenditure filing before the November 3rd election, Devine reported $17,000 on art for his sixth-floor court in the county civil courts building downtown. That's apparently only a portion of his outlay for collector-quality pieces. How much more he has spent is hard to tell. The report also shows he's used the campaign account to reimburse himself nearly $14,000 in cash for computer equipment, continuing legal education, staff gifts and additional courtroom art, but those amounts are not itemized. There’s nothing conservative about that!

Let’s look at John Devine’s record:

  • Quits on voters 
  • Only cares about running for office  
  • Always looking for his next political opportunity  
  • Spent campaign cash lavishly on art and decorations for his chambers and courtroom when he did sit as a judge  
  • Used campaign cash to buy collectible flags that could be resold by him once he left office  
  • Tried to skip on a credit card bill for almost $22,000. He even fought his creditor on lawyers’ fees when they tried to collect – clogging our court system with a frivolous lawsuit.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson endorsed Justice Medina stating, "I'm proud to support Justice Medina. Justice Medina is a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, and he was one of the three votes on the Supreme Court to defend the Texas Open Beach law against a California real estate speculator. Please vote for my friend, Supreme Court Justice David Medina."

A judicial philosophy must be rooted in deep beliefs in the rule of law. Justice Medina has fairly and impartially decided the cases before him based on a principled application of the Constitution, statutes and precedents. Justice Medina has worked hard to resolve his cases with transparency, careful deliberation, and sound judgment consistent with the existing law. There is no doubt that Justice Medina is the more qualified individual, and Texas citizens will reelect him.

Sources: The Houston Press, Oct. 22, 1998; Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct; Campaign & Expense report; John P. Devine vs. American Express Centurion Bank, Ninth District of Texas; Your Houston News, Dec. 20, 2009. 


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