National Media quotes SREC Committeeman and TexasGOPVote Blogger David Bellow on Winner Take All

The national media has now jumped in after TexasGOPVote blogger David Bellow blogged about a possible emergency State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) meeting to change Texas from a proportional to a winner-take-all state, when Texas Republican delegates participate in the Republican National Convention in August. Bellow's post came on the heals of his post about the pending Texas Presidential Debate in May and his post about the resolution passed by the Republican Party of Texas warning Gov. Mitt Romney to attend the debate or risk losing Texas delegates. Today, additional national blogs and media stepped in. Bellow was quoted extensively in the Daily Caller as well as several other sources (see more links below).

If the SREC changes Texas into a winner-take-all state, 155 delegates are up for grabs, which if not given to Mitt Romney, would be a huge game changer for the GOP Presidential Primary. 

According to Bellow, the effort has support from the necessary 15 SREC members to petition and call for an emergency meeting to make the decision.
In order for the committee to vote they will need a quorum of 50 percent, and in order to change the rules they will need a two-thirds vote of the SREC members in attendance at the emergency meeting.
“I think it is very likely that we get the two-thirds. We have not submitted the petition yet because we kind of want to make sure we have that two-thirds,” said Bellow. “We don’t want to call the meeting and then get there — all the way to Austin — and then not have the votes. So right now we are making sure we have the votes and it looks like we do have the votes.”

Other news outlets that have picked up the story include Business Insider, Dallas Morning News, The Texas Tribune,, and many more!

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So David looks like your idiot plan to force Texan's on Santorum is not working out so well ;-) ... as posted on Yahoo News:

"But an RNC official tells ABC News that to change its delegate rules the Texas GOP would need to obtain a waiver from the RNC's executive committee, and the official said that's unlikely.

RNC bylaws gave states an Oct. 1, 2011 deadline to finalize primary dates and delegate plans. Texas already obtained a waiver for that deadline, as its primary was repeatedly delayed by a federal court case over redistricting; however, that waiver only applied to Texas's primary date, not its delegate-allocation rules.

The Texas GOP, meanwhile, appears to be officially uninterested in pursuing such a change, despite the push by some Santorum supporters in the state and elsewhere. A Texas GOP spokesman told ABC News that, as of now, the party's proportional delegate-allocation plans stand."


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