Newt's Contagious Swagger

Newt Gingrich now has that intangible that unfortunately our Republicans have been missing, except for Sarah Palin. It is called swagger. I am talking about the Contract with America creating, welfare reforming, budget balancing, race card killing, CNN bashing, Obama debate challenging swagger. More than confidence, it's pure belief and trust in his own ability to carry out the conservative cause while winning hearts and minds. Public arena winning, back room brawling, media manhandling, Newt is a seasoned, battle tested statesman who has finally found his rhythm.

It is very contagious to witness a confident conservative who can articulate our principles without apologizing and in the modern context. He can weave a verbal tapestry of past historical anchors with time tested truths from our founding fathers and tie them in with sometimes simple, real talk statements that resonate with all. I believe South Carolinians will admit to the entire nation on Saturday that they are feeling the ripple effect of a conservative message that transcends culture and race. If South Carolina says yes to Newt, Florida almost certainly will embrace this new confident message of idea driven conservatism. Obama has built his house of cards on race and class division, and Newt is the only conservative that can maneuver around these traps. Last Sunday, Newt stood in front of a predominantly African American church and eloquently laid out the conservative policy ideas that would benefit all Americans regardless of race. When was the last time you heard of any Republican figure sharing his heart with an African American church and proudly explain his ideas on how to help all Americans? That's swagger.

If there is one thing Texans admire, it is someone who is confident and willing to take on huge challenges. There is no doubt in my mind Newt Gingrich is the only conservative with the swagger needed to overcome a democratic opponent who is charismatic, billion dollar funded, and media protected. It is no longer enough for conservatives to only criticize and angrily point out the failures of our opposition. Americans are ready to embrace a center right, idea driven conservatism that is bold and a problem-solver. Newt knows he is the man to make it happen. This new found confidence is contagious to all conservatives who have been anxiously waiting to send a powerful message on election day.


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