Obama Lied, People Died, It is time to say Good Bye.

If you are an undecided voter, then maybe looking at the events that occurred on September 11, 2012, should be enough of a reason to say goodbye to Obama. On September 11th, the American consulate in Benghazi was attacked, resulting in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Dougherty. Since then, the Obama administration has produced so many stories about what happened, none of which resembles the truth.

Here is what we do know. It had nothing to do with a video, despite the tales that the administration explains about how a video that no one saw caused all kinds of havoc. We now know that the administration knew it was terrorists, and we are now learning that Ty Woods asked for assistance and received none despite being involved in a firefight that lasted for hours.

What we don’t know is whether there was an order to stand down. Why was no assistance offered to Woods? Key to it all, what did the President know, when did he know it, and what decision did he finally make in dealing with what happened on 9/11? We can no longer assume that the President was not aware since some 300 watch officers at various agencies including State, Defense, FBI and NSC watched these events unfold and would have passed on any communications.

Knowing that men armed with mortars, machine guns along with rocket propelled grenades, were attacking an American consulate and the Ambassador was nowhere to be found, wouldn't this information moved up the ranks quickly? So did the President ignore his 3am call? That is the million dollar question as the President appeared at a fundraising event in Las Vegas the day after learning the Ambassador had been slain. In his interview with 60 minutes that aired shortly after, Obama admitted that terrorists were involved only to have CBS not release that portion of the interview until weeks later. President Obama was lying from the beginning. Since then, the intelligence community and State Department officials were made scapegoats while the administration fail to aid one of their own under attack.

Say what you want, the President looked Presidential during Hurricane Sandy, but he failed the real test six week earlier when it counted. I don’t give the President props for “leading American during Sandy” since mostly what he did was photo ops. As for Benghazi, the President did not act Presidential, first by lying to the American people about what happened, showing up at a fundraiser the next day, and appearing to be missing in action when it mattered to four Americans under siege. No one knows what decision, if any, the President made since that has yet to be released. We do know that he lied and since has made trust an issue in the campaign; then how can we trust a leader who lied about what happened when four men were murdered on the eleventh anniversary of 9/11? And if Americans can’t vote this man out after this alone, then maybe the doomsayers are right about America being in perpetual decline. Least I forget, the man who made the video was arrested for “parole violation”, but in reality for exercising his free speech rights, and has to wait until three days after the election to have his case heard. Need I say more?


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