Obama Losing Latino Support, Will the GOP Gain the Latino Vote?

Obama has failed to deliver on his promise of immigration reform, and the Latinos that helped Obama win his election in 2008 may think twice about voting for him again. According to Fox News Latino:

Latino Decisions surveyed 500 Hispanic registered voters between July 27 and Aug. 9, focusing on the 21 states with the largest Latino electorate.

The poll found that while 68 percent of Hispanics voted for Obama in 2008, only 39 percent said they will vote for his reelection next year.

However, Matt Barreto, a professor of political science at the University of Washington, makes it clear that just because Latinos aren't too enthusiastic about Obama doesn't mean they will automatically vote Republican "…because they perceive that Republicans see them as enemies. But their Democratic friends are not treating them well, so what can happen is that many Latinos simply won't vote."

But it doesn't have to be like this. Latinos are not monolithic. While finding a sensible immigration solution is important to them, they find issues such as the economy and job creation as well as pro-life and pro-family values also very important. 

The Texas House of Representatives has taken a major step forward in reaching out to the Latino vote with the creation of the Hispanic Republican Conference, originally formed by the House’s five Hispanic Republicans but joined since by other state representatives whose districts have at least 30% Hispanic constituents.

The Hispanic Republican Conference has even come up with a resolution, HCR88, authored by Rep. John Garza, which is a call on Congress to create an overarching and complete solution to the immigration problem and not just deal with it in certain individual aspects.

If the GOP is willing to work on a much-needed solution to our nation's broken immigration system, maybe instead of Latinos staying home on Election Day, they will come to the polls and vote Republican.


I think it is great that Mexican-Americans would consider voting for republican candidates. These are mainly fine citizens and natural conservatives on most issues. However they should have no illusions about finding sympathy in the republican party for illegal immigration. All Republicans are united in support of draconian enforcement measures against illegal aliens. Amnesty in any way shape or form is simply out of the question. We can all agree that immigrants who enter our nation in the traditional and legal manner should be given the opportunity to assimilate as full citizens and treated as honored guests in the mean time. However someone who sneaks into our country by the back door without permission has made a choice to place themselves outside the law. They act like a thief  that they need to be treated like the outlaw they are. They should be hunted down and harassed and denied any help or sanctuary.  Hopefully they will eventually curse the day they set foot across that border and they will go home voluntarily. If not then when apprehended they should be deported immediately regardless of excuses. The only reason for a judicial hearing if if there is some doubt or uncertainty about a persons true identity and immigration status. Once that single issue is settled they should be on a bus or plane to their starting place by the very next day. 

That is the most retarded comment ever... You wonder why people in Europe think Americans are idiots... You were probably a Sarah Palin fan, drive a pickup truck and like you steak well done. How typical... It's obvious this country is going to hell. The amount of ignorance is incredible. Most countries embrace tax payers but not America. You can pay taxes l you want, if you're not a citizen you should be harassed (as you stated above) and leave. Meanwhile the thousands of Americans that are on welfare and section 8 for years are fine. How about you start drug testing those people?! Oh no, they're American citizens. They can live for free... How twisted are our priorities...

Hacimo wrote: "They act like a thief that they need to be treated like the outlaw they are. They should be hunted down and harassed and denied any help or sanctuary."

---Republicans like Hacimo are doing the GOP a tremendous disservice. Do you think that Latino voters will come out and vote for a party/candidate whose goal is to smoke out granny, their undocumented parents, friends or employees like rats? 

Instead of only blaming the illegal immigrants who came here to escape poverty or violence, the GOP would be better off acknowledging that the USA shares responsibility for the immigration mess. By looking the other way for many years and allowing American employers to boost their profits by using cheap, illegal labor, the USA enabled illegal immigration.

The Republicans would benefit from getting the immigration issue off the agenda by supporting a bill this fall that makes E-verify mandatory for all businesses and legalizes the otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants who are here.


I think the Republicans in the Spirit of Ronald Reagan could do a great thing for this country by backing a comprehensive  immigration bill. Senator Cornyn could unexpectedly be a hero and ensure his future status as a Senator by backing this and having the Texas hispanics behind him.
1) Legalize everybody here unless a serious criminal. (Regarding the criminals who are free, something needs to be done to have everybody registered to identify everybody.)
2) Build a wall or something along the border.  Nobody wants a Berlin Wall but until something is seriously done, people and terrorists willing to die will try and enter. Building the wall will create a few jobs in Texas.
3) Make it easy and cheap to bring in labor for the farms and seasonal businesses and professionals Make it very difficult for the workers if they violate their visa terms.
Texas Republicans could do the unexpected and be like Nixon, who unexpectedly opened up China, and be like Reagan, or could continue to be the anti-Hispanic party. 

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You expect the latinos to vote republicans while that very same party is so adamant not to do anything related to the ongoing immigration issue. At one time the republicans (Bush/McCain/Graham) were the ones pressing hard for amnesty. Today the immigration dynamics haven't changed much, but the republican party has changed their attitude towards the problem. The change is mostly to play hard against the democrats. All of this is done in the name of politics and they do not care about anyones welfare. No one is suggesting open borders but this problem has to be fixed in a sensible and fair manner in the best interest of our country. The law has been broken and must be fixed. Don't tell me the republicans don't hire illegal labor. I'll bet you anything that they definitely do. As a matter of fact each one of us benefit in some, direct or indirect form, from illegal labor.

Don't get your hopes too high on the latino votes because many of them have extended family and relatives that have immigration issues. This issue has got to be brought under control so we know who and how may are here and what they are doing. One must not forget that these people are also a part of the work/consumer force and this problem is not going to disappear without some sort of reform.

There is a lot of lies and misleading facts out there, so don't expect everone to be as naive as you. All proposed future enforcements must be brought about in a comprehensive package. You can't achieve something from nothing.

By the way, I don't support illegal immigration. What I do support is having the problem solved so we don't keep paying for those not on the book.


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