Obama Zombies On Inauguration Day 2013

“All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won’t do, that we have an obligation to fight for the world as it should be.” -Michelle Obama 2008 Democrat Convention


The last time we were in Washington, DC in the winter time it was 2009. We usually don't go to DC in the winter because it’s too cold for us Texans. But this year was a little different as we had planned on going to the Black Tie and Boots Texas Ball to celebrate Mitt Romney’s win. But that did not happen, so we sold our tickets at a loss rather than attend with a bunch of Texas Democrats. I learned that the ticket sales were not as eventful as in past inaugurations.

We wanted to see for ourselves the mass of people anxious to see Obama’s second inauguration. I can tell you that in 2009 there was approximately 1.8M as the media reported, but this year it was definitely much, much less than a million. We travelled to DC via the metro, and it was almost empty. Getting off at Union Station, as we have in the past, there was no people traffic as in 2009. The lines of vendors were not there and the outdoor toilets were without the lines of people waiting to use them.

People did empty into the streets immediately following the ceremony. But it was only a burst because the crowds swiftly dispersed. The people seemed more disengaged, less jubilant and there certainly was less laughter. The excitement was not present. Maybe because in 2009 there were many more young people compared to the 2013 crowd, and maybe people expected more than they received.

These military vehicles surrounded the capitol. Besides security, which I do believe every president should have, these vehicles were also used as props by obama zombies taking photos of their children sitting on them. My question, how much did these vehicles cost? Were they really necessary? I do not remember seeing these in 2009.

We all know how the Left ridicules us because they claim how ‘rich’ the Right is. Well this time I made sure I took photographs of all the ‘poor’ Democrats in their full length fur coats. There were plenty in 2009, but I failed to capture the moment, but not this time.

Where are the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) when we want them? When I wore my short fur coat to Bush’s first inauguration January 20, 2001, I was harassed for wearing the coat. There were no obama protestors in 2009, and I only saw one group protesting the ‘establishment’ this time. I have to ask, “Are these the ‘rich white folks’ the Left refers to?” Or is it the ‘poor’ teachers the unions help out?

See more full length fur coats in background

Given the opportunity, I had some questions to ask the Obama zombies, “Did you vote for Obama and Why”? This attractive woman is a teacher from Chicago. I qualified each by asking first if they had voted for Obama. After they admitted to such a deed I asked WHY? This woman from Chicago said because of education and the healthcare policies. Then I said, do you believe in abortion? Her answer, “I believe that a woman should have the right to choose.” Then I asked her about same sex marriage, she answered, "Things are changing and people should be allowed to marry whoever they want.” This woman has swallowed the Kool Aid.

I spoke to a young single mother from Louisiana, and she was very excited that she was attending Obama’s inauguration. This particular black teacher’s aide struck me as someone who, if given the correct information, may come out of the darkness one day. She told me that, “Poverty drove her to vote for Obama because my children will have an opportunity for education.” We discussed education because she told me her school was a ‘common core’ school. She sincerely believes that obama cares about the poor. She is attending college and will soon be out. She did mention that she does not have to worry about getting a job as she will just teach where she is presently an aide. She was also grateful for the healthcare she thinks she is going to receive. I asked her about abortion and she told me she did not believe in abortion or same sex marriage because she is a Christian. I said to her that Obama was an abortionist and her answer was interesting. "I have never heard Obama use the word ‘abortion’", she said. I got to thinking and she is correct, the LEFT stays away from the truth. They use phrases like, women’s reproductive rights, women’s health care, a woman’s right to choose but never any phrase that would actually use the word ABORTION, I replied. I then asked, “Why did you vote for Obama.” She had her answer ready, “because we all have to make choices and I chose education and healthcare for me and my family.” Her most telling remark was about gun control. She believes in the right to bear arms but that the government should control the assault rifles. I found her story a sad realization of the dilemma that some people may face if they consider themselves poor.

There was a vendor I spoke to and he is convinced that, “Obama is a good man, a peaceful man, he cares for the poor.” This vendor was just about to get belligerent, so I left.

Barry Fletcher and me…see the banner displayed on the Teamsters building

I met Barry Fletcher peddling a book he authored, President Barack Obama THE FIRST TERM. Yes, I bought his book because I want to know what motivates these zombies. Supposedly, it is a monthly political poetic chronicle of obama’s first term. It was an easy read with the usual rhetoric glorifying Obama and demeaning the Republicans. What I found interesting is the fact that Fletcher understands most situations and issues but blames the Republicans. He blames the Republicans for the economy and doesn’t seem to comprehend that there is no money tree. Of course, we are all racists. We don’t like Obama because he is black. I wonder if it occurred to Fletcher that he might be the racist by not voting for the white Mitt Romney. Fletcher has no concept of states' rights and has little or no knowledge of our founding fathers. He even comments that there is a slave running America and that the founding fathers must be turning in their graves. He glosses over the fact that obama is an abortionist, a spending machine and a warmonger. So Fletcher has selective knowledge of the facts.

This man waving his sign sums it up, Obama the ‘way maker’ Robert Griffin the ‘play maker’ ‘we run DC’ GAME OVER. This message makes the Obama zombies feel smug and secure.

These obama zombies have hope for their future and they don’t understand that they are being misled. It reminds me of the ‘Night before Christmas’ while visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads; we all know that there is no Santa Claus. It is disturbing that so many people really believe that Obama will save them from just about everything. As they see the situation, Obama will bring prosperity, jobs, education, and healthcare, but they are not seeing their enslavement to the government. The statistics are that 95% of blacks voted for obama in 2009 and 93% of blacks voted for him in 2012. Numbers don’t lie and this is an indication that the blacks voted for Obama as a block of people because he is a black man. If you really think about this love affair the black people have with Obama, they don’t want to know that he is a fraud.

What was I looking for in these Obama zombies? Maybe hope that somehow we can bridge this immense divide. Michelle’s words “fight for the world as it should be” don’t sound very encouraging in uniting our country. Whose world vision should we be fighting for? Obama’s?



Crowd shrinks by nearly half for 2nd inaugural


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While visiting New York City last year before the election, I ran into a street vendor named Dub Poet Infinity in front of the Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court Building in lower Manhattan.  He proclaimed Obama as King of America!



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