Paul Ryan: Conservatism's Atomic Bomb

Remember John McCains concession speech. It felt like the end of a political era, our appeals to Americans of the value of military service, "country first" just obliterated by the Obama wave. It was a political war machine that swept the nation, Oprah crying, college kids euphoric, women fainting. All we could do was rattle our sabers, like outdated British Redcoats and charge into a hell-like wall of mechanized death. We cried about double standards, about asymmetrical warfare, slashing around with old bayonets as we desperately launched our best attacks screaming,  "Where is the birth certificate?" and "Obama pals around with terrorists!" Before in American politics this wouldve worked but not anymore. In frustration, many took to the streets in the form of the Tea Party. While in political exile, we conservatives sat in coffeehouses and whispered about the days of Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan. We knew a time was coming where we would unleash a weapon so powerful, so game changing that it would shake the foundations of even our own movement. A new conservative standard was about to take hold, an atomic bomb to be unveiled that would crush the lefts agenda and all while flashing a sincere smile. With Romneys new pick for VP, that day is finally here.

In the past years we have caught flashes of this brilliance from the suppressed intellectual fiscal conservatism of Paul Ryan. For a total of just 6 minutes, real conservatism handcuffed the slippery and cunning soaring rhetoric of President Obama at the circus of a health care summit on CSPAN. The look on Obamas face was priceless, he dared not interrupt Ryan who point by point dismantled the Democrats false claims, at one point stressing that "hiding spending does not reduce spending." 

If you relished the thought of Newt Gingrich receiving applause from the audience while verbally punching Obama with populist attack after populist attack, or Herman Cain outgunning Obama with pure red meat conservative testosterone, just wait to you see Ryan dismantle Biden and pivot towards Obama. Its going to be conservative artistry, facts, policy proposal after proposal, detailed explanations like never before seen to the most minute detail and all tied In to our philosophical and historical traditions. Paul Ryan is the Michael Jordan of conservatism, with a game so advanced, its going to derail any narrative from the media. Even fellow Republican Congressmen didnt know what to make of Paul Ryans bold "Roadmap for Americas Future." For Paul Ryan, there is no third rail of politics, he is a pure conservative beast.

In the Republican rebuttal to Obamas State of the Union Address, Paul Ryan humbly presented the American people a true, conservative, intellectual explanation of a differing vision for America. Dont kid yourself, Paul Ryan will raise the standard of what is expected of our future conservative political leaders. Michele Bachmann style robot-like talking points, populist Herman Cain speeches, and Santorum style purification politics all had its day. Those are great for the choir, but now its time to take conservatism to the streets. If we are to save the Republic, If we are to obtain a lasting majority and win the hearts and minds of fellow Americans in the urban areas, young professionals, the technocrats of today, we are going to have to forge a conservatism that puts away the defensiveness, the anti-intellectualism, and instead embraces the opportunity to share with those who are skeptical of out movement on why our ideas are better. This means actually having high powered ideas, policy proposals that comprehends todays economy and a delivery that unites, welcomes, and wins. Paul Ryan has these ideas, the tools, the conservative genetic makeup, he comes from the school of Jack Kemp. Americans want to be convinced that conservatism makes sense. Even though we always find ourselves having to surpass the unfair added scrutiny of the media, and the political double standards of our time, with the entering of Paul Ryan into the mainstream political arena, we now have a high caliber conservative who is capable to put conservatism into modern context. Paul Ryan is about to solidify our movement and define what exactly it means to be conservative. Come November 2012, conservative will mean to be a winner.


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