The Persistent Attack of the Left on Herman Cain and Other GOP Candidates

It would appear that the Cain “sexual harassment” scandal is petering out and for the simple reason; the evidence is weak and it's becoming more apparent that this was more of a hit job than a real scandal. As Ann Coulter noted, it appeared the only time that Herman Cain was a sexual predator was when he worked in Washington DC. It also did not help that those who came forward had connections to the Obama Chicago machine. Ann Coulter wrote in a recent article, the Obama machine had experience in finding sexual harassment against past candidates and during his run for the 2004, his team found sexual allegations that was enough to derail his toughest competition both in the Democratic primary and the Republican primary as well.

I noted in a past column, I wasn’t about to be part of a "oh mine let's force Cain out campaign" unless I saw pictures of Cain with two of his accusers in a threesome in downtown Cedar Rapids with a sheep. Since that has yet to happen, it is more important that Cain wins his case in the public relations war and not be forced out. Republicans need to let the media know upfront that their tactics won’t work in derailing the Republican chances in 2012. If Cain is to be defeated, let it be on the issues and not half-truths and or no truths. There are reasons why Republicans may not want Cain as their standard bearer but being a sexual predator is not one of them.

Republicans better understand that this is only the beginning. Newt Gingrich, who has his own past to deal with, will be next as he starts to rise in the polls. The media knows that a Gingrich-Obama debate will be devastating to Obama, who will not be able to compete with Gingrich's breadth of knowledge. Gingrich may be the one candidate who can take the fight to the left and he knows how to run an insurgent campaign and his resume is superior to Obama in every way. Gingrich also has a past and as I have mentioned in past pieces, Gingrich will be the first three times married President and that is not a positive attribute. Gingrich's past life will be exposed in all its ugliness and what is acceptable for Democrats will be not acceptable for Gingrich.

Media will also go after Romney and they will do so in three ways. The first will be to examine his record at Bain, and remind folks; Romney is a creation of Wall Street. The second way is to remind voters of his flip flops, and the third is to write stories about the Mormon connection. For many on the right, Mormonism is looked at with skepticism. The left will view Mormonism with even more apprehension, and there will be plenty of stories about how these guys are weird; and remember. attacking Mormons, like other Christians, is politically okay. The goal will be to depress voter turnout among evangelicals for Romney if he is the nominee by emphasizing his Mormon background while throwing uncertainty among independent voters.

The left and the media play by different rules, and the media will forgive things with their chosen candidates that they will attack the GOP candidates for. For 2012, we should not allow the left to control the narrative; we must dictate the story of the 2012 elections. If they attack our candidates with sexual improprieties, defend our candidates with the idea they are innocent until proven guilty and remember the Donelson rule, unless we have pictures of our candidates doing the dirty deed, we don’t play by the left's rules. Anthony Weiner would not have lost his seat if there were no pictures, but those pictures made it impossible not to ignore the Weiner twitter adventures. Innocent until proven guilty.

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