Re-Claiming America’s Post 9/11 Unity — Looking Forward to the 2012 Elections

This past week and weekend were filled with remembrances of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. While we of course recall the shock, outrage and sadness, we also remember the deeply felt patriotic unity among Americans that emerged immediately afterward.

The attacks briefly silenced the rhetoric and rants against America’s shortcomings, even among the ordinarily relentless critics in the Hard Left, because the terrorist attacks were utterly unjustified and indefensible. The contrast between America’s goodness, and the viciousness and senselessness of the attacks, reawakened the American conscience to the reality that America, while imperfect, was and is truly unique in the world and unquestionably worth protecting and defending.

Learning about our attackers and their worldview helped unify us. Understanding what al-Qaeda is and who Osama Bin Laden was, and about the threat posed by radical Islamic jihadists throughout the world, helped us to fathom the ruthlessness of this enemy. We also began, for the first time for most Americans, to comprehend the crushing of individual rights and freedoms that inevitably follows the imposition of our attackers’ ideology on a free society. We rejected the idea of a transformation of our society into one governed by our attackers’ laws and religion.

We “re-appreciated” that America has a culture built on commonly respected liberties, and that we are unwilling to surrender them. We re-discovered our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence, and started collectively realizing, again, that to retain our God-given liberties, we sometimes have to fight for them. We reaffirmed that we want the America handed down to us by our grandparents and their forebears, full of promise, opportunity, freedom, strength and goodness.

The immediate aftermath of 9/11 was American unity based on a re-embracing of the inherent goodness and greatness of America, and of the ideals that made America strong, free, abundant, safe and prosperous.

America needs some of that same re-embracing of America’s goodness in the 2012 elections. We need to band together again---to defend America again. And this is because, while nothing in the American political realm compares with the brutality of the 9/11 attacks, for decades there has been a hidden but intense battle underway inside our borders, to profoundly change America.

This battle is being waged by the Hard Left in America to undermine our freedoms, our ordered liberties, and our free markets, free speech, property rights and a whole host of other long-recognized freedoms that are the foundation of America’s historic greatness. It is a battle between the American ideology of freedom and ordered liberty under God, and our representational, Constitutional form of government, versus the Socialist ideology with its lawlessness and government by a small, elite ruling class that will decide all questions for us.

By the Hard Left, I am not talking about the Main-Street-every-day -American-citizen-Democrat-voter. I am talking about the advocates of socialism who have dominated the political science departments in America’s universities and the leftist American political fringe for decades, who have now found allies in the leadership of the national Democrat Party. Not all elected Democrats fall into the Hard Left, though those elected to the U.S. House or Senate seem inevitably to vote with the Hard Left once they arrive in D.C.

Here is a very abbreviated enumeration of the actions taken by the current administration to circumvent the voters and the structure of our democratically elected republic. It will require our diligent historians to catalog them all, and our most earnest statesmen to undo them.

  • Because Congress never dared pass the Card Check bill, which would have resulted in forced unionization of employees, our President has simply stacked the National Labor Relations Board with his cronies who are piecemeal inflicting this injustice on American businesses and employees anyway.
  • Because Congress never dared pass the environmentally unjustifiable Cap and Trade legislation limiting CO2 emissions that would have cost American industry millions and led to massive job losses, the President’s EPA is pursuing regulation of CO2 emissions without genuine Congressional authorization.
  • Because Congress would not pass the DREAM Act or any other immigration amnesty, the Homeland Security Department recently announced that the government will halt all deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who are attending school, have family in the military or are primarily responsible for other family members’ care, and let them apply for work permits. All are provisions included in the failed DREAM Act.
  • Because Congress never dared pass Clean Water Act amendments that would give the EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers jurisdiction over every drop of water in America, Obama’s EPA is attempting to expand their Clean Air Act jurisdiction via a “guidance document” that would give effective control over all land and water (our property) to the federal government.
  • Because Congress did not dare directly shut down conservative talk radio, Obama’s FCC has repeatedly revisited the idea of returning to the Fairness Doctrine, a thinly veiled attempt to silence the administration’s critics.
  • Because the Administration did not wish to punish Black Panther activists who threatened voters in videotaped encounters during the 2008 elections, the Justice Department failed to prosecute those cases, even after a Justice Department attorney quit and made public his knowledge that the department simply would not prosecute cases involving black defendants and white victims. Our Justice Department’s standard now appears to have reverted to the rule of men, not of laws.
  • Stimulus spending, borrowing and spending in unprecedented amounts, encouraging and enabling ever-increasing reliance on the federal government among American citizens, and creation of an unparalleled level of debt and annual budget deficits, all serve to further destabilize and weaken the country and the economy.
  • Also unprecedented in American history, this Administration has engaged in the takeover of a significant chunk of America’s free enterprise system, in the form first of major auto manufacturers, then of the entire healthcare system despite overwhelming public opposition that continues to today, then the crony capitalism takeover of Wall Street via the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill whose provisions favor unions and anti-free market activists.
  • And last (in this list) this Administration has enacted a torrent of new regulations unparalleled in American history, and estimated to cost industries in the billions of dollars.

What we are witnessing is the effort at a fundamental transformation of America by this Administration on a scale and scope never before attempted in our nation’s short but world-changing history.

America did not choose the course we are on.

Our President campaigned on a dreamy, illusory, meaningless “hope and change” mantra that the media never demanded he define, and that Americans too trustingly dismissed as “feel-good” campaign talk. He did rarely make vague reference to a desire to “re-make” America, but the few voters who heard that had no way of knowing that he was talking about the systematic dismantling of the free markets and the free society that were birthed out of our founding ideals.

The few in the Hard Left who knew what he meant---that he actually did want to embark on the socialist model, and impose taxes for the purpose of redistribution of wealth (a key socialist premise Obama has admitted he embraces)---knew enough to keep quiet. The 2008 election was the realization of the Hard Left’s decades of waiting for the time to unleash an all-out attack on the American ideals of freedom, free markets, and the structure of ordered liberty guaranteed under our Constitution.

And that is what we face in the elections in 2012.

This election cycle offers a renewed invitation to Americans to re-awaken to America’s greatness, to see the attacks from the leftists among us as attacks on the future of freedom in America. We must reject this hi-jacking of America. When we band together as we did after 9/11, when we are a unified people, we will be powerful enough to reject this attempt by the Hard Left to fundamentally transform America, and we will begin to turn the American ship back on course toward the strength and promise inherent in her founding ideals. Everyone who understands that America’s goodness and greatness comes from our commitment to our Founding ideals must get on board for this fight.


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