Republican Strategy for 2012 Elections

What do Republicans need to do to deal with the Democratic strategy? The first goal is to nominate a winning candidate, but that goes without saying, or should. There are other things to do that need to be done.

The first thing is for Republican candidates to remember that the goal is to unseat Barack Obama and spend most of their resources and discussion on that goal. Just as important, independent groups need to start attacking Obama’s record. While the Republicans primary is in full force during the spring, it will be up to groups like America's Crossroads and others to do the attacking. The Democrats will be doing their own attacks on Republicans, and as long there is no standard bearer to answer back, it will be up to conservative groups to focus the attack. The key to conservative successes is to begin a sustained campaign starting the day after Christmas.

The second thing is to move into the minority communities with a sustained campaign that features how liberal policies have failed minorities. This will do two things, lower voter turnout by removing the fear of Republicans and peel a few extra votes which will prove decisive in key battleground states. The Democrats' strategy is to design a spike campaign to try to overwhelm Republican voters in key battleground states and a proper Republican response will be instrumental in dampening this key part of Democratic strategy. The third thing is something that I have mentioned before but go on the offense against Democratic Mediscare tactics. This is actually easier than in the past since Obamacare transfers half a trillion dollars from Medicare to providing care for younger voters. So Obama and the Democrats have already threatened to take money out of Medicare for seniors and that begins in 2014! And doesn’t anyone understand that reducing the FICA tax is reducing the funding for Social Security? So who is threatening Social Security? Isn’t that easy?

The fourth thing is to expect the unexpected. Look for fake Tea Party candidates funded by Democratic front groups. In New York's 23rd District, this occurred when a fake Tea Party candidate diverted key votes from the Republican candidate. During the Iowa's Governor race, a Democratic front group attacked Terry Branstad from the right in an effort to elect an easier candidate to defeat in the general election. This means the GOP needs to work with key Tea Party organizations to ensure that fake Tea Party candidates don’t get traction. It also means that the GOP needs to defend the Tea Party, look for point five.

The fifth thing is to condemn the Occupy Wall Street and that should be easy beginning with showing pictures of some of signs which shows Marxist slogans and Communists symbols. Show the various anti-Semitic comments floating on and pass them around. Unlike the Tea Party where you had to look hard for anything offensive; it is an easy process to find enough offensive things at these rallies. Put the tail of the radical street urchins at the feet of the Democratic Party. There is already heavy union involvement with the street protestors and enough Democrats who are defending Occupy Wall Street. Hey won’t it be fun to contrast the clean living Tea Party with the street urchins of the left? I take that any day!

The sixth thing is forget about complaining about the media, accept the fact that the media, outside of Fox, will hate us. So don’t worry about it, and take advantage of the alternative media on the internet, Fox and talk Radio, to get our message across. Be selective in which mainstream media conservatives to work with. CNN is left of center, but conservatives will get a fairer shake than let's say, MSNBC where serious news takes a back seat to leftist rantings. Besides, CNN does have real conservatives, not the fake variety. CNBC is actually a good platform to get our message out since it is actually balanced and does include Larry Kudlow and Rick Santelli, the father of the Tea Party movement.

The seventh and final thing, talk economics, ask where the jobs are, point out the lack of recovery and don’t forget Obamacare. To quote a famous Democratic strategist, "It is the economy, stupid!”


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