Response to Article: Walker's Wisconsin win likely paves end of the road for Democrat party

Okay, I'll grant that big Republican wins in Wisconsin and San Jose, CA are milestones of second thought AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME. But this article is charmingly optimistic. Leftism in human society is more hearty than cockroaches in nature. And they say cockroaches may be the only animal species to survive a nuclear blast.

So people are queasy about massive debt and out-of-control public liabilities. But "death of the Democratic Party?" We're getting a little excited, aren't we? The Democrats will pare back the rhetoric if necessary to accommodate public sentiment. But leftist pandering and envy-peddling isn't going away. Jimmy Carter and a Democrat, without an over-exuberant Fed monetaril propping up large financial institutions and trading partners, had far worse economic numbers than these, other than the enormity of the debt. The public reacted and elected Ronald Reagan, which believe me at the time was a much bigger deal.

Reagan revitalized the economy, even though a Democrat Congress renegged on promised spending cuts and debt expanded. He served 8 years, but 4 years after e left office, Bill Clinton was elected. He was rebuked with the election of a Republican Congress after 2 years. But Clinton negotiated with Speaker Newt Gingrich, and growth was restored, which frankly had stalled after George H.W. "I'm not big on the vision thing" Bush submitted to the Democrat Congress' demands for a tax rate increase.

His son succeeded Clinton and presided over government loose-lending bullying and spent too much being "Mr. Nice guy" rather than "Mr. Principle." After the crash of permitting these unprincipled policies, he famously said of the TARP program, "I violated my free market principles to save the free market." HUH?! This to principled conservatives does not compute. I like him personally and he seems a more searching thinker than his father or brother. But, he has made marked Bushian statements and PLEASE don't show me a Jeb Bush presidential candidacy!

Anyway, we now have Barack Obama who in leftist terms, makes Jimmy Carter look like a Boy Scout.


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