Rick Perry And Herman Cain In Florida, Sarah Palin And The Stupid Party In America's Future?

As I’ve said, Rick Perry is not my first choice for President, but I wouldn’t oppose him if he gathered momentum and/or won the nomination. But the supposed smarties have said he is in trouble with his Florida debate performance and 22 point second place finish to Herman Cain in the Florida Republican Straw Poll. I want to talk about all of this. First, though I’m glad to see Cain fare well in the straw poll, I want to talk about the questions about Perry. What else have I said about him? I said he isn’t quick on his feet, as he showed particularly in his stammering rambling discussion of Romney’s flip-flopping. But A) most aren’t, and he’s as or more capable in that regard, than the majority of Republican Presidential nominees in my lifetime. And B) We need an executive who wants to get intrusive federal government out of private Americans’ way, not a champion debate contestant. You want a quick and well-studied candidate? Nominate Newt Gingrich and get it over with. Personally though, Newt should serve in the administration, as a nominee I’d prefer Perry.

I’ve said Perry’s a recovering Democrat, which we saw in his incautious sentimental language on the question of giving in-state tuition to state universities, to the children of illegal immigrants who have graduated from our public schools. On his accurate description of the existing Social Security system as “a Ponzi Scheme,” Charles Krauthammer said Perry made “the political gaffe of telling the truth.” He spoke his conviction, as he did about the correctness and decency of educating children that have already shown responsibility in public schools and the ambition to go to college. Hey, I’ve never had a liberal instinct in my life, and I’m quite exasperated with liberal charges of heartlessness. It was a poor and inadequate choice of words for Perry to say those who opposed in-state college tuition for public school graduates, that they “have no heart.” But really, do those who so strongly oppose it, actually think that two children should work their way through a public school, and one should be rewarded while the other is not? Really? Educating these is both decent and good for them, and smart and good for society. If America is once again to thrive, we need industrious immigrants; our birth rate is too low.

The immigration system is screwed up. Over a year ago, I posted a video of late economist Milton Friedman, explaining in the 80s that our entitlement society is the problem, not the immigrants. Government entitlements should not be there, and criminal behavior should be dealt with harshly and swiftly. But America never was and shouldn’t be the place to discourage initiative. The law should be respected and respectable. But we shouldn’t make laws that we encourage breaking with our behavior, especially to those trying to better their lives.

Herman Cain is actually my favorite among the announced candidates. I think the unannounced Sarah Palin is the one who combines demonstrated conviction and resolve in governing, with the difficult to define ability to move people, masses of whom are already prepared to support her. It’s true that, from the vigorous and prolonged scorn she endured from the popular culture, doubts remain in the minds of many about her qualifications and ability both to wage a successful campaign and to govern effectively. But I have little doubt that she would overcome that when she deals directly with the public. And her record has shown uncommon effectiveness in both regards. There is a long list of very accomplished entities that have challenged her both as a candidate and an executive, and found themselves beaten and clutching air. But Cain also has a string of successes in business, is an inspiring speaker, and holds many of the same conservative values.

Palin’s supporters may take something of offense at such a suggestion, but if Herman Cain were actually to gain traction and become a challenge for the nomination, I would be satisfied if she declared her support and campaigned for him. Cain is 65. Palin is 47. Were there a Cain-Palin ticket, the next Republican ticket could be Palin and Marco Rubio. From where I sit now, it’s hard to imagine how either of those could lose. Republicans would prove themselves again to be The Stupid Party by failing to use an eminently qualified and conservative black, woman, and Hispanic. It’s awesome to imagine how differently America and the world might look by the time of a Rubio presidency. If still alive, I’d be old, but I could die in peace.


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