Texas GOP “Winner Take All” Emergency SREC Meeting

Now it is time to take it to the next step. Now it is time to do something that we should have done a long time ago. Now is the time for Texas Republicans to have a voice and be relevant. It is time to go back to winner take all!

We need 15 members of the 62 Texas Republican Party State Republican Executive Committee members to sign a petition in order to call for an emergency meeting of the SREC to change the Republican Party of Texas rules back to us being a Winner Take All state instead of being proportional.

We already have 15 or more members ready to sign the petition to call this emergency meeting.

Before we turn in the petition and call the meeting, we want to make sure we have enough support from all the other SREC members. Things are looking good so far! Call your SREC member and ask them to support an emergency meeting to go back to winner take all.

Once we see that we have enough support from the rest of the SREC, we will then turn in the petition and call the emergency meeting.

Texas Needs to be Winner Take All to have a Voice and be Relevant

As a member of the SREC and I have advocated for several months and written many articles advocating for Texas to go back to winner take all in order to have any kind of relevancy in the Republican Presidential race. I never wanted to go to proportional in the first place, and I made it know at the SREC meeting last year when we voted to go proportional. We were forced to go to proportional though because of the RNC rules that said any state primary election before April would have to be proportional. The liberals and the federal courts have pushed our election back to well after April so now we need to go back to winner take all to be able to have a voice in this presidential race before it is over! Why should other states with April and later elections get to be winner take all and Texas can’t? It is a shame that Texas is the largest Republican state in the nation and we are ignored and never have a say in the Presidential race. We have 155 delegates and if we put all of our delegates behind the candidate who wins Texas, then we can really have an impact. Candidates will come to Texas to campaign because they will not want to risk losing 155 delegates in a race where 1144 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

The Republican Presidential Race is NOT Over Even Though Romney and the Media Says it is

No one is even close to winning the 1144 delegates needed to win the nomination. No matter what Romney and the media says, you cannot win the Republican Nomination until you have 50% or more of all the Republican Delegates in America supporting you. If you cannot win at least 50% of the delegates, then that means that 50% or more of America wants someone else and there will be a brokered convention, where the delegates can come together and decide who the nominee will be.

Texas can have a huge impact if we go back to winner take all. The media says the race is over, but it is not. With the vote being split 4 ways in nearly every state election, it is very possible that no candidate will get the 1144 needed to win and that would force a brokered convention. Certainly no candidate will have 1144 delegates before Texas votes May 29th, 2012. With 155 delegates, Texas could force that brokered convention if, for instance, the voters of Texas give all of our delegates to Santorum over Romney, which is what the polls are showing now.

Mitt Romney has Ticked off Texas Republicans

This is not about Romney though. It never has been about Mitt Romney. From the beginning, going back to winner take all has always been about giving Texas a voice in the presidential race. The only way we can do that is to be winner take all. I have been for winner take all well before we had any idea of who would still be in the race today. I have advocated going back to winner take all well before Santorum was even doing well in the polls. Going to winner take all has never been about Romney. The only reason Romney has entered this controversy now is because he decided to ignore the largest Republican state in the nation. He has so far told us he does not want to come to our nationally televised Texas debate and has told us the race is over and that he does not need us. Now Texas Republicans are mad and we have a message to Romney. Don’t Mess With Texas! The race is not over! We have 155 delegates so you better not ignore us, especially if we go back to winner take all! The SREC has passed a resolution warning Romney that it will not be good for him is he does not care about Texas and if he snubs our debate.

David Bellow

David Barton of Wallbuilders, along with Kelly Shackelford and Michael Quinn Sullivan, have released the following message in Support of Winner Take All:

Texas' Role in Choosing the President

We in Texas know that we are a significant force in national conservative politics. After all, we have the largest Republican congressional delegation of any state, and ours is a conservative delegation!

We also have 155 delegates at stake in the presidential primary – that’s more than the famous first five primary states combined (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and Nevada). Those five states are considered to have set the tone for the entire presidential race, but Texas has not spoken yet – and we can speak with a louder voice and with more impact than all of those states!

Under our winner-take-all system, our 155 delegates have a significant impact on any presidential race. But this year, the Republican National Committee was poised to penalize Texas for holding our primary in March (as we always do) by imposing on us a proportional delegate count, so the Republican Party of Texas moved away from our normal presidential procedure. But then the federal courts got involved and delayed the Texas primary until May. So Texas now has an opportunity to regain its unified voice by going back to a winner-take-all primary.

Contrary to what you may have heard from the national media, the race for the Republican presidential nominee is far from over. After all, only 37% of delegates have been assigned so far; and the media has been completely wrong on the number of delegates that separate Romney from the others (particularly the oft-repeated Associated Press count) – the actual count shows the gap to be much narrower than claimed.

Texas can therefore have a clear and powerful voice in selecting a conservative Republican nominee for president by moving back to a winner-take-all system. All it takes is for the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) to call a meeting and make the rule change before the Texas primary vote. Please contact your SREC member and ask them to convene and make that change; and also contact the Republican Party of Texas and let them know that you want to see Texas regain its national voice.

Please act on this as quickly as possible - Texas, as the biggest conservative state in the country, should be allowed to speak with the loudest voice!! Thanks for all you do to keep Texas a conservative state!

God bless!

David Barton (former Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, 1997-2006; National Delegate 2008, 2004, 2000, 1996)

Kelly Shackelford (National Attorney; National Platform Committee member 2008, 2004, 2000)

Michael Quinn Sullivan (President, Empower Texans*)

*For identification purposes only


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Texas......   WHo do you want to come to the debate and what would they debate about?  It's over.   You needed to work to change things long before this. A Texas debate does not make you relevant.

Aloha, I am not from your state and probably my comments don't mean anything to you.  However, I will give it to you anyway.  I feel that not matter what changes you make, Mitt Romney will be the winner in Texas.  The following comment written by a good mind explains well the possition of Mr. Santorum.  I feel you want to make the changes because you think he has a good chance in Texas, let me tell you, HE DOESN'T!

"Pennsylvania needs to speak to Santorum before or loudly as they vote... The voters of Pennsylvania (or their Republican leaders) have the power to stop this loosing battle so we can unite in the removal of the most dangerous president this nation has ever voted into office allowing the front runner to move ahead so we can defeat Barack Obama. How does a citizen of Pennsylvanian who has first hand knowledge of Rick's record vote for him as a presidential candidate? Living in Virginia but says he lives next door to his in-laws in a vacated house? Have a school district pay for his children's education when he lives in an other state? Donate back less than 2% to his church and community... raise taxes to pay for sporting facilities... use the stand of being conservative (specifically his abortion position) to gain office when he really wasn't.... he is hurting the republican national campaign by his whining... he looks less presidential every time he speaks...he lacks the experience and knowledge to turn around this country that is sliding over a cliff...how can being a moral conservative give you the skills and experience to save this nation... he is inept at finances... what has he every turned around? When has he ever tackled a major financial problem and corrected the problem? Ones personal religious beliefs does not make him greater than another...just look to the founding fathers....they were from different religious backgrounds and they jointly created the greatest form of government ...his decision to stay in this race in the next few weeks may be his personal downfall... and his pride may be the fall of a nation..."
We need to be united, this is the time to work hard to remove Obama, who is going to use all his power to destroy America.  This is the time to stop being selfish.  Mr. Romney is a great candidate, he is not what the Media has painted him.  He is an honorable man, the people who  personally know him can attest of that.  May the Lord bless you to do what is right for the good of the nation! Happy  Easter!

I would have been fine with this upfront, but to change the rules because a candidate and his supporters are desperate for anything to five them a boost is one of the most shortsighted and irrespotgsible action taken by the party in some time. Legality aside, the proportional or allocation by congressional district still promotes independent voices in the race. I would hope the SREC won't compromise this, but I sense we have people who don't see the long term future

Agree with you on Santorum. But Romney is a Massachusettes liberal. Good government begins and ends with protecting the life, liberty, and property of the citizens from murderers, thugs, and thieves. Romney's record is clear: nationalized healthcare, confiscatory taxation, and pandering to special interests. His private sector fortune was amassed (in part) by cannibalizing vulnerable companies and liquidating their assets...not exactly a model for creating jobs, innovating, and long-term prosperity.

Given our current crop of candidates, a brokered convention could only improve our chances of righting the GOP ship, and the country. Because if Romney or Gingrich (or Santorum) is the GOP nominee in November, expect a second term for Obama. God forbid!

This is misplaced state pride, complaining the Texas will not have a voice. Ironically, TEXANS will have a greater voice with a proportional delegate count! Contrariwise, a winner-take-all system ensures that a probable majority of Texas voters have NO VOICE AT ALL.

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