TexasGOPVote Blogger Endorsements: Latinos Ready to Vote Political Endorsements

Below are the Republican candidates that Latinos Ready To Vote! (LRTV), endorses. These candidates have been working hard to reach out to Latinos in Texas. They each have addressed issues that are important to Latinos such as education, jobs/the economy, and immigration in a positive and constructive manner. They, therefore, are contributors to our work in encouraging and engaging Latinos to become part of the American dream and supporters of the GOP.

U.S. Senate: David Dewhurst  

House of Representatives: Francisco (Quico) Canseco for District 23  

State Legislature:
John V. Garza for District 117
Raul Torres for Senate District 20  
Aaron Pena for State Rep. District 40 
J M Lozano for State Rep. District 43
R.W. Bray for Senate District 6
Allen Fletcher for District 130 

Local District Judge Races:
337th Court District Renee Magee
11th District Court Bruce Bain
179th District Court Lana Shadwick
174th Court District Robert Summerlin
215th District Judge Ken Shortreed
14th Court of Appeals No. 3 Brett Busby
County Civil Court No. 1 Debra Mayfield

Harris County Sherriff: Louis Guthrie

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