(VIDEO) The Cain - Gingrich Debate - TexasGOPVote Hosts Candidates in Blogger Room Q&A

Cain-Gingrich Debate TexasGOPVote Blogger RoomAn amazing thing happened Saturday night as two of the top candidates for the Republican nomination for president, Mr. Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sat down at an event organized by Texas Patriots PAC. The event was a debate like has not been seen in recent history as the two candidates sat down for a real discussion. No sound bite attackes. Just a real honest discussion about wasteful government spending, public debt and the management of entitlements. After the debate, both Cain and Gingrich joined TexasGOPVote bloggers in a brief Q&A session (see videos below).

Two rooms were set up for the candidates to be interviewed in. One for the mainstream media (more on this in a separate article) and one for about two dozen bloggers who gathered from across Texas and DC for this opportunity. Speaker Gingrich visited the blogger room while Mr. Cain went to the media room.  After about 10 minutes the men switched rooms.

Speaker Gingrich answers question about government reform from TexasGOPVote Blogger Bob Price

Here is what both men had to say as they were asked questions about government reform, entitlements, immigration reform, border security, health care, and the United Nations.

Speaker Newt Gingrich:

Mr. Herman Cain:

After the Q&A, Cain spent a few minutes taking pictures with the bloggers. When the photo op was completed the candidates went on to other events but, our bloggers were treated to a casual discussion with Speaker Gingrich's economic advisor, Mr. Peter Ferrara. Watch for another post this week about this very informative discussion.

Herman Cain with TexasGOPVote Blogger Sonja Harris and Houston City Council Candidate Elizabeth Perez

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