(VIDEO) Democrat Congressman Nick Lampson Gets Physical with Reporter in TX when Questioned about Voting with Pelosi

Former Democrat Congressman Nick Lampson, who is currently running for congress in the newly redrawn TX CD-14, has been caught on video getting violent with a reporter.

Lampson is in a hotly contested race with Conservative Republican Randy Weber.

This race is so important to the Democrats that former President Bill Clinton made a stop in Beaumont, TX a week ago to campaign for Lampson.

This video that has surfaced of Lampson getting violent is sure to be very damaging to Lampsons campaign in this tight race.

In the video, Nick Lampson was trying to explain that the United States Congress needs to be more bi partisan with both sides of the aisle working together. That is when the reporter started really pressing Lampson about his own record of not working with the other side. The reporter was trying to get an answer from Lampson about why he voted with Nancy Pelosi a majority of the time while he was a Congressman.

That is when Lampson reached up and pushed the camera down and into the reporter, ad then the video goes off.


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