What Can I Do?

As our “mother of all elections” nears, it is our right—no, it is our duty, to do all we can to get this bunch of Chicago-mob-educated crooks moved from Washington, D.C. to Leavenworth, Kansas.

Many ask, “What can I do to help?” Here are seven quick suggestions. Don’t do all—but pick at least one.

First, set the internet and social media worlds ablaze with your original thoughts and with those you find persuasive. Firmly but politely JOIN IN THE ONLINE DEBATES raging around us on Facebook and elsewhere. Note that your target audience is NOT the radical close-minded leftist you may be debating, but rather, the mostly silent “lurkers” who are reading the debate and cheering for one side or another, but are they themselves quiet. Stay away from name calling and personal attacks—solid well-thought-out points and responses, calmly made, are much more persuasive. Do not be intimidated by the leftists’ tactics and childish behavior. They are vocal but are a tiny minority of our population.

Second, start or increase your forwarding “political” emails to your circles of influence, INCLUDING family, friends, co-workers, Sunday school classmates, and other. You likely have MORE influence than a similar email coming directly from a political source or candidate. Adding a FEW well-chosen words to the top showing you personally approve the forwarded message (or FB “shared”, or Twitter “retweeted”, etc.) will enhance the credibility.

Third, use your telephone to help Get Out The Vote (GOTV). This can be done in a friendly and fun environment where everything is provided for you (such as the “Victory 2012” centers around Texas), or even from your own home landline or cell phone. To do the latter, simply register with your local party or campaign to help, and very slick computer programs will dial the phone number for you AND supply a script to read to start a conversation with a potential voter. To borrow from Ma Bell of yesteryear, “Reach out and touch someone voting in a swing state.” (In Texas, register at: www.texasvictory.org/announcing_the_call_from_home_program. Romney-Ryan is at: www.mittromney.com/call-home-landing. Google others.)

Fourth, get involved in local early voting AND day-of-election “pushcard” efforts. If you have never done this, it is not difficult AND IT CHANGES VOTES! A friendly smile, an outreached hand, and a 30 second conversation with a voter in a parking lot outside of a polling place are all it takes to win close elections. We have seen it happen repeatedly here in Harris County, Texas and elsewhere. Get with local candidates, the local GOP county headquarters, or local Tea Party groups to find out where your efforts can pay off the most! If ballot integrity is more “your issue”, immediately link up with “True the Vote” and “King Street Patriots” who are doing mighty efforts to keep the voting honest.

Fifth, PROMOTE voting STRAIGHT TICKET REPUBLICAN! There are still, today, millions of “lifelong” and sometimes multi-generational Democrat voters who still think of their party as if it was being run in the tradition of Harry Truman or John Kennedy. They genuinely do not understand that it is “NOT YOUR GRANDFATHER’S PARTY”. They do not understand that their party promotes things they abhor—evil things—ranging from taking guns from law-abiding American citizens, to anti-Christian policies at every turn (remember they actually “booed God” being put in their platform this year), to what can only be described as a complete failure in foreign policy (Iran, Egypt, China, Russia, Libya, S. America, etc.), to being directly responsible for skyrocketing gasoline and other energy prices, to promoting the imminent collapse of the US Dollar through printing money not backed by anything, to the murder of innocent pre-born, being-born, and even just-born human babies. Modern dems are all about raising taxes on the middle class to pay for it all, since they have now already robbed Medicare in order to partially pay for ObamaCare, (the rest coming from massive tax hikes and deficit spending ad infinitum). The Democratic Party has gutted Medicare and is in the process of dismantling it entirely.

The Democratic Party today represents evil. Their policies “steal, kill and destroy” in so many ways. There is no way to soft-peddle that and remain accurate.

Those of you who may have access to the new bright digital LED signs outside of your business, please consider putting a pro-GOP slogan—“Vote Straight Ticket Republican” or similar—as it scrolls through your various other messages.

Sixth, consider a small or not-so-small donation to the candidate of your choice. I would suggest focusing not just on the “top of the ticket” but very importantly on Congressional and Senate races, especially in “swing states” where stronger GOP turnout could improve the chances of ALL GOP candidates. Our Founders famously penned words that have echoed through history—and in doing so pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor”. No one is asking that of us today, but a contribution is not unreasonable. If you don’t, who will? If not now, when? The choice in this election cycle is the clearest it has been in at least my lifetime, and the consequences of a 2nd term for this bunch are truly catastrophic. Put a sign in your yard. Put a bumper sticker on your car—each sticker is said to result in TEN additional votes for your candidate!

Seventh, please pray and fast for a restoration of solid Judeo-Christian values to our people AND our government. I am convinced that a large part of the stunning outcome of the first presidential debate is directly related to the admonition that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” (James 5:16, NKJV).

Seven suggestions for “what you can do.” Pick one. Come up with one of your own. Pick another. Be creative. Be independent. “Ride to the sound of the guns.”

You are still free to do so. Please exercise that Freedom.


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